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Discover Amarapura and U-Bein Bridge - Mandalay


Scenery has always been considered one of the major influences when travelers are deciding to visit a destination. Sight, after all, is the first sense that takes every bit of information in.  Once people get a glimpse of what they are getting in to, their bodies feel invited and are enticed to enter the unknown realm. From lush vegetation dotted with colorful flowers to radiant fares and wares sitting on stalls in the local markets, almost anything can be seen as a space filled with awe and wonder, if they were given the chance. Travelers visiting Myanmar can get this very experience in Amarapura, which is located in the Township of Mandalay Here, they will bask in the glory of the simple folk and be amazed with the numerous sites, such as the U Bien Bridge, that are sprawled across the area.

Amarapura used to be the capital of Myanmar, but today it is known to be a beautiful and quiet suburb – a perfect hideaway to those who want to escape the noise of the city. This simple town is known to be enveloped by soft leaves and the soothing songs of the waters of the shallow lake making it an ideal stopover point for a lot of tourists. Amarapura holds a lot of points of interests, some of which include: Pathodawgyi, Bagaya Monastery, and Kyauktawgyi Pagoda, but nothing is as famous as the U Bien Bridge.

The U Bien Bridge is said to be the longest bridge made of salvaged teak planks. This recycled beauty remains a central part of the community and holds a marvelous secret. Travelers, who are known for their patients, can end their Amarapura journey on this bridge because during the late hours of the afternoon they can relive their childhood memories of chasing off the sunset surrounded by a glorious landscape.

Getting to the township of Amarapura from Mandalay will only take twenty minutes via a private car. Travelers should head west towards Route 1 and after 350m make a right turn. After 100m, continue on to 40th street to 84th street/ Mandalay-Shwebo Road, and after driving 1.3km, turn left and keep driving. Once you have reached 6.6km take Bu Tar Street to That Put Pin Street and you should be in Amarapura in 2 minutes.



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    14. 04. 2016


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