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Discover Ang Thong National Marine Park - Koh Samui


If you are the type of traveler who can’t help but take a dip in the sea, then the island of Koh Wua Talap is definitely for you. Surrounded by beautiful islands that are lightly raised upon the crystal blue waters, Koh Wua Talap is the best place to be to get a little taste of the country’s sun, sand, and breeze. This perfect paradise has a lot in store, from restaurants that serve local dishes to shops that sell their wares, visitors – both first timers and those who have returned – always find something new that will pique their interests.

Within this island’s borders lies the Ang Thong National Marine Park. This attraction is something you do not want to ignore because besides being given a scenic view of the sea, there are a number of flora and fauna that call this place home. Ang Thong is 250sq km and is riddled with limestone islands and krasts, caves, white sand beaches, and hidden lagoons. It is because of these natural wonders this national park has been under Thailand’s protection, in order to preserve its virgin beauty. Rightfully named Ang Thong, or “golden bowl” this piece of treasure has some of the most extraordinary species of plants and animals which include crab-eating monkeys, Brhaminy kites, blue-spotted fantail rays, and the occasional dolphins and whales.

There are two ways you can get close and personal with Ang Thong’s wildlife and it is either through snorkeling and camping. For those who have the experience, and want to get a glimpse of the beautiful marine life of the national park, then snorkeling is definitely the best route for you. However, if you prefer dry land over the sea, then rent a tent for 250 Baht at the park’s headquarters, and amaze yourself with the numerous wildlife that has occupied this side of the world.

The only way to get to these places is by traveling via water. Trip Guru suggests travelers to take the fastest and safest mode of transportation possible – the speed boat. It will only take you 45 minutes versus the 2-3 hour journey by slow boats. The park is open daily, but closes at least one month every year. Since February 1st 2015, the entrance fee of the national park is 300 Baht for adult foreigners and 150 Baht for child foreigners. 



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