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Discover Ba Vi National Park - Hanoi


It used to be a French Hill station, and the Ba Vi Mountain has been attracting travelers and tourists alike for decades, and is a popular escape for the people of Hanoi. The limestone mountain calls the Park home, and is one of Vietnam’s famous areas of natural beauty. With cool, fresh mountain air and a spa resort at the foot of the mountain, Trip Guru definitely recommends the Ba Vi National Park if you’re partial to gorgeous views, like rare ‘flying’ squirrels, and of course, the triple-peaked limestone mountain.

The mountain rises to more than 1,200m above sea level. There are several rare and endangered animals that live in the forest, such as birds and two rare species of ‘flying’ squirrels and other mammals. There are plenty of medicinal plants for the Dao ethnic group, and there is a bird and orchid garden available, although many go solely for the temple. It takes about half an hour to hike to the temple, but the views are well worth the effort, and this outlook is best seen in April through December.

About 4km from the base along the summit road, there are half a dozen restaurants to choose from, tennis courts and a large swimming pool. If you want to avoid crowds, their off season is from October through March, and it’s busy and bustling during weekends and holidays, or when the weather is beautiful. Within the park’s boundaries are several springs, a few waterfalls and even a large lake, all within a few kilometers apart and well-marked. The flora and fauna is beautiful, and the atmosphere is desirably tranquil—perfect for contemplation and reflection.

By bus, you can get to Ba Vi from My Dinh station or Kim Ma (that’s no. 201) or you can take local bus 214 from My Dinh, because it turns down the Khoang Xanh road. Check the weather before you go—it’s not recommended to visit during the rainy season, as the trails can get slippery. But during a sunny, warm day the views and the hiking trails are excellent exercise not only for your health, but for your soul as well.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Jack

    06. 09. 2016

    In the National Park.. It isn’t only for hikers. ME for instance. I’m not much of a hiker at all. I was sitting and relaxing, walking round seeing the beautiful trees and flowers that are scattered through out the park’s land. There is also a waterfall and a lake that even just looking at it, takes your mind off many things. I enjoyed this day. Not being crazy as always.. for once in a very long time.. feeling the happiness and peaceful life.. of my own. I had such a nice visit here.

  • Apit

    06. 09. 2016

    The National Park contains much to see. The wildlife here is similar of course to every other jungle. However, every jungle every habitat is now important for the endangered animal species. Luckily here in Hanoi, at this National park they keep their flying squirrels safe and fed. My family and I were lucky to see some of them as well! There’s a temple that is high up and is more than a hike. Way more than the word tiring too. But like any other hike that is far up in the mountains.. It’s worth seeing once you're right on top. You’ll be proud of yourself too.. just like how I was.


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