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Discover Beitou Hot Springs - Taipei


In the northernmost district of Taipei, Beitou has a reputation of being a place where people can kick back and escape from the hustle and bustle of the more crowded business areas of the city. Known for its hot springs and rich historical background, this small town has been hailed as one of the top 10 tourist towns by the Taiwanese Tourism Board back in 2012.

There are many hot spring baths and establishments around the area, prominent among these are the ones found around Qinshui Park. One of the most popular is the Beitou Garden Spa, also known as the Millennium Hot Springs. This outdoor public hot spring has six different pools available for bathing; each one is beautifully decorated and has a great view of the nearby mountains and river. Swimwear is required here and can be readily purchased here, or you can bring your own. Admission is NT$40 for adults and NT$20 for students and senior citizens. Regardless of where you decide to bathe, once you enter the warm hot spring waters, your stress and your worries are sure to fade away.

Apart from the hot springs, travelers who are curious with the history of the town and its hot springs can step into the past and learn more at the Beitou Hot Springs Museum. Once serving as the main public bath in Beitou, it has a graceful Japanese design which mixes elegantly with the Roman style arches surrounding the building. It features the history of the hot springs in the city, as well as displays the famous      hakutolite “Beitou stones”. Visitors are required to remove any footwear before entering and change into slippers provided by the museum.

The best way to get to Beitou is by using the MRT Red (Tamsui-Xiangshan) line to the Beitou station. From there, there is a one-way line that goes all the way to the Xin Beitou station, which is near the hot springs area. The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9AM – 5PM, and closed on Mondays and national holidays. The Millennium Hot Springs has six different two hour sessions throughout the day with 30 minute cleaning times in between, the first session starting at 5:30AM and the last one beginning at 7:30PM. Try to be mindful of these schedules if you plan to do a day trip to this area.



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