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Discover Beringharjo Market - Yogyakarta


If you're the kind of traveller who loves to shop until they drop, Trip Guru can recommend a visit to the Beringharjo Market, the largest traditional market in all of Yogyakarta. This market has been the epicenter of trade for hundreds of years, during a time when markets have repeatedly fulfilled people's needs. Yogyakarta's Beringharjo market will enchant you with its winding alleys and make you fall in love with the day to day life of the charming Balinese and Javanese people.

Take a walk along Jalan Malioboro, and you'll immediately experience the sort of frenetic energy akin to other bustling market streets all over the world: the chatter of people running to and fro trying to get to their destinations, the sounds of the motorbikes and cars speeding along the road, and the calls of the salespeople who just want you to buy and experience their sundries and wares. One thing that makes this market extra-special is that it’s separated into different sections. You can find rows and rows of batik clothing and fabrics, such as shirts, blankets and sarongs. There’s also a rich variety of sandals and handbags being sold in friendly prices. In case you get hungry, they also sell food and drinks in stalls.

What makes this market special is that it's separated into sections. In the western gate, there are rows upon rows of batik clothing and fabrics and clothes, such as shirts, blankets, and sarongs. There are also a variety of sandals and handbags being sold for a song. To the east, you have your pick of souvenir sellers, or food that can be purchased wholesale, making it much cheaper than buying it in a grocery store. You can also find traditional food and drinks for sale there, as well as antiques. There’s even a section for medicine, herbs and spices.

The Beringharjo Market is open from 7:30AM to 5:00PM. To get to the market from Yogyakarta, you can walk for about 9 minutes. Head south on Jl. Mataram to Jl. Suryatmajan. You know you’re on the right track when you pass by Nueve Jogja Hotel on your right, about 40m away. Afterwards, turn left on Jl. Mayor Suryotomo, pass by Bank Mega Syariah KCP Bringharjo to your left, and finally turn right onto Jl. Pabringan. When you pass by Kospin Bima on the left, the market will be on your right.



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    13. 04. 2016


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