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Discover Besakih Temple - Bali


Whenever tourists think about the island of Bali, a picture of its clear blue waters and rustling palm trees immediately come to mind. Although this has been the popular imagery for most people, there is another side of Bali which is reserved for those who do not mind getting a glimpse of the locals’ spiritual side. The biggest and holiest Hindu temple in Bali is the Besakih Temple. Travelers, who are interested in the spiritual culture of Indonesia, should definitely come down for a visit.

This temple complex is comprised of 86 temples, a majestic mountain range, calming streams, and images of mythical beings etched out of stone. Each time travelers step into this realm, a mystifying air fills their whole body, and they will realize that the beauty of Bali is made up of more than just its sandy beaches. Pura Besakih’s main attractions, of course, are its many temples and though it may seem like these tiered structures were built to occupy space, there is actually a certain meaning placed in each one.

The largest of all temples is Pura Penataran Agung, and it is said to represent the seven layers of the universe. With steps that reach the temple’s entrance and the terraced shrubbery beside it, this particular temple has become a stopping point for many visitors. Another would be the Pura Pengubengan, which is the closest from Mount Agung’s peak. A 30-minute walk from Pura Penataran Agung is required, but is well worth it because not only are they rewarded with the temple’s entrance, but a scenic curtain of clouds as well. Lastly, 10-minutes east from Pura Pengubengan is, Pura Batu Tirtha, where the holy water for the Karya agung ceremony is found. Trip Guru would like to remind travelers that Besakih Temple is notorious for the numerous scammers surrounding the vicinity. To avoid them, visit the vicinity during the early morning or the evening – when the crowds have died down. Also, to fully enjoy the destination, please wear appropriate clothing or else they will need you to cover up your shoulders and knees with a sarong.

To get to Besakih Temple, take the Kusamba Bypass to Klungklung and then head north. Then, take the right-hand turn at Menaga, and you will find yourself in Besakih. The entrance fee costs around 10,000 IDR, but please bring extra because you will need to pay additional fees if you want to take photos and videos. It is open all year between 8:00AM and 5:00PM.



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