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Discover Borubudur - Yogyakarta


Although traversing the spiritual route of a foreign city or country is not a popular choice for most tourists, it has become a niche or a special journey for a number of travelers. With the thousands of religious structures that are scattered in a given place, visitors will be able to see and experience how the locals connect with the world through prayer and meditation. If you wish to bathe yourself in immense tranquility and find yourselves strolling in the streets of the city of Yogyakarta, rent a private car and head towards Borobudur.

Without a doubt, Borobudur is Java’s most famous monument. With the hundreds of Buddha statues watching over the wandering visitors, this ancient site can be likened to the integrity of Java’s people. This structure has withstood both natural and manmade disasters, and for more than 1,200 years, it is still able to give travelers the very same awe and wonder once they take their first step on to its platform. With its Indian inspired design, mixed with traditional Indonesian architecture, all coming together inside a lush green paradise, the Borobudur is a must see for all types of travelers. The journey to the top of this colossal monument is not for the easily tired. Its stacked appearance and narrow passageways makes it a challenge to climb. Each platform represents one stage of enlightenment, and for successful visitors who do make it to Borobudur’s highest one, will not only be rewarded with a gorgeous view of faded mountains and lively trees, but also get to appreciate the built-in bell-shaped stupas, each housing a statue of the revered Buddha.

Borobudur has instilled a strong religious sprit to its devotees that it has become a site of pilgrimage. Because of this, Trip Guru would like to remind future visitors that a strict dress code is heavily implemented. Shorts and miniskirts are not allowed, and if you are found violating these rules, you are required to wear a sarong that is provided by the temples.

You can take a bus to Borobudur, but it is mostly aimed for Indonesian visitors. Nonetheless, travelers are also welcomed to join and the route is simple. The buses that head to Borobudur are in the Jombor bus terminal and you can get here by taxi. It will take you 60-90 minutes and the fare costs around 25,000 IDR (one way). It will then drop you off at the Brobodur Bus Terminal. Walk south until you reach the temple’s parking lot. Borobudur is open daily from 6:00AM-5:00PM and entry costs 230,000 IDR for foreigners.



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