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Discover Bui Vien and Pham Ngu Lao - Ho Chi Minh


Sometimes, the best adventures are made without having to roll with a guided tour or crowd. Sure, there are a lot of historical landmarks and beautiful attractions, but some travelers prefer to step out of their comfort zone. In Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, there are two very unique places where visitors can mingle with the country’s people, culture, as well as fares and wares – Bui Vien Street and Pam Ngu Lao.

For the seasoned backpackers, Bui Vien Street has become a place that cannot be easily forgotten. With its hospitable vibe – during both day and night – it gives visitors the opportunity to sit down and watch the locals live life whilst drinking their favorite beverage. This street is also known for having a wide range of fares, catering those who want to grab a quick bite for lunch or dinner, or try the delectable street favorites like barbecued chicken feet. Of course, there are other establishments that cater to the weary traveler, like massages and spas, and a relaxing tour on their iconic Vespas. However, it is this environment, which excites the senses, that keeps backpackers coming back for more.

Similar to Bui Vien is Phan Ngu Lao Street. Another familiar haven for backpackers, this street greets its visitors with the local’s lifestyle and more! Besides the many establishments that offer Vietnamese favorites, it is also filled with beautiful attractions which can be accessed on foot or by a motor vehicle. Buildings such as the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Museums, Reunification Palace, and Mariamman Hindu Temple are all close by, giving travelers more reason to explore its streets. Phan Ngu Lao is also a great place for those who want to bring a little piece of Vietnam back home. There are numerous shops that sell souvenirs, handicrafts, and silk products, making Phan Ngu Lao a busy place to be – be it day or night.

If you are coming from the airport and want to visit these streets, you can take a taxi and the driver will bring you straight there. However, for a the economical traveler, you can take a bus in Dinh Bo Linh station for Bui Vien, or take the No. 152 airport bus to get to Pham Ngu Lao. Trip Guru would like to remind visitors to keep an eye on their belongings, because there is a chance that they may lose them in these buzzing streets. 



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