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Over the last few years, people have been eager to visit the island of Can Gio, sitting beautifully near the place where Saigon River meets the sea. Travellers who visit Can Gio don’t come for the beaches—they trek to the island to get the chance to see its primary residents: monkeys. Because of the monkeys that live on Can Gio, it’s also known as Monkey Island. If it tickles your fancy to visit monkeys in their natural habitat, Trip Guru definitely recommends a visit.

Monkey Island’s mangrove forest is where the monkeys run wild and free; they have no fear of humans and won’t hesitate to grab at your clothes or steal your food. As long as you keep a tight rein of your belongings and try your best not to tempt the monkeys by taking food along this particular walk, you’ll be fine. While you’re there, you can also stop by their saltwater crocodile sanctuary. This is an area that puts a distance between the travelers and 50 crocodiles, all living together. Walk carefully on the wooden walkway—a fall could mean an intimate meeting with the crocodiles, and have your wits about you, lest your things be stolen by the mischief-loving primates.

Try not to visit the island during high tide, as the monkeys will all run to the high ground, which happens to be the walking path of the park—you could run face to face with a lot of these monkeys. It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those travellers courageous enough to take the plunge. Monkey Island is full of mischief, wonder and as long as you can keep your camera close, it can also be the source of a lot of amusing stories to share with your friends and family for years to come.

To get to Can Gio, it’s a short drive from Saigon, going south for about two hours. Then you can get on a ferry crossing the Mekhong Delta, and before you know it, you’re on Can Gio island. You can also get to Can Gio Island from Ben Thanh Bus Station, directly in front of the Ben Thanh Market. Take bus no. 20 to the Binh Khanh ferry, and finally take bus no. 90 to Can Gio Beach. Along the way, you can stop to visit the Monkey Island.



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