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Discover Cerulean Skies of Railay and Ao Nang Beach - Krabi


If you find yourself in Thailand and had the sudden urge to visit the country’s most gorgeous beaches, then you should definitely hop on a boat and head to Railay and Ao Nang beach. Although the country is known for its marvelous temples and colossal Buddha images, Thailand does not fall short in providing its visitors a chance to explore its sunny side. In the province of Krabi, there are two beaches that are easily accessible. And even if these sandy locations do share similar appearances, they each project a unique and charming aura – giving them a touch of personality.

For the rock climbers and thrill seekers, Railay beach is definitely the destination for you. Located between the province of Krabi and Ao Nang, Railay beach welcomes its visitors from all over the world, by spreading its clear blue waters and limestone cliffs like a red carpet. Serenity is its atmosphere of choice, so once travelers feel the warm sand tickle their toes, they know that they are in for a day full of peace and relaxation. This beach can be divided into East and West. Its eastern side is where you will find the boardwalk – the area wherein all the beach’s restaurants can be found – but its most spectacular attraction would be the Diamond Cave which can be located by traveling the trail that leads to Ton Sai. Railay’s western side, however, is where all beach related activities are all done, and yes, this also includes rock climbing.

Ao Nang Beach, on the other hand, offers more adventurous activities. Although it is dominated by a lot of establishments fit for commerce, its main beach becomes the launchpad of choice for visitors, because it can easily access other nearby islands and attractions. From scuba diving to boat tours, Ao Nang has a little bit more to offer than Railay. So, if sitting on the sand and rock climbing are not your thing, head down to Ao Nang beach and surprise yourself by learning something new

Ao Nang beach can be accessed via wheeled transportation, while Railay can be disembarked by a long-tailed boat from the province of Krabi. To get to Ao Nang, you can take a songthaew (which operates between 6:30AM to 6:00PM, which costs around 50 Baht. If you do not want to bump into the crowds, Trip Guru suggests that you visit these islands during the afternoon.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Cynthia

    04. 09. 2016

    Was a great trip and I feel as if I’d like to go back and enjoy more of it next week!! The waters were so clear you could see the colorful fish without even having to put on a snorkeling mask. Inside the caves were.. weird statues and sculptures.. not be rude or anything but it holds the exact same shape of a penis. You must touch it and “wai” to it too. It is for good luck. The locals there told me that if you made a wish, donate a little something -mup to you or even without donation, if your wish comes true.. you must come back to this place.. and many have come back and have bought more little "penis" shaped statues to show their respect and for their thanks that the wish has been granted ! There really is more to the story.. However the caves are interesting and I always enjoy a new story behind all the nature in our world.

  • Nathan

    04. 09. 2016

    Amazingly stunning. Riley Beach is Penelope Cruz. How fine she looks at the first sight you see her.. just something that is coming within. Here at Railay, no one is on your back trying to make you buy any sort of products. I feel that it is also cleaner than other beaches I’ve been to. Calm, relaxing and just utterly..stunning.


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