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Discover Chiang Mai Night Bazaar nightlife - Chiang Mai


Thailand is not just popular in bars and club tourism, in Chiang Mai, the Night Market or Night Bazaar is an open-air street market that operates in full swing once the sun sets. The Night Market is a part of the best nightlife areas within Chiang Mai, as they highly popularize the economic and business growth of large commercial establishments. From local handicrafts, dresses, clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, dry goods, food, plastic, and glassware, just about anything can be found in the old east city moat. Shoppers, backpackers, and foreigners alike can enjoy shopping, eating, and haggling in the bazaar.   

The Night Bazaar is open every day; visitors can shop or stroll around the huge market until they find something they really like, making it a great place to visit for bargain shoppers and seasoned travelers to purchase souvenirs. You can also try shopping at the Kalare Night Bazaar and the Anusarn Markets if you would like more variety. When you want to take a rest from all the walking and shopping, take a breather and have a bite to eat in the nearby food chains and restaurants, such as Daddy’s Steakhouse Restaurant, where they also have delicious Chinese food available.

To get to the Night Bazaar from Chiang Mai Old City Center, Trip Guru suggests traveling by foot or taking a Tuk-Tuk ride. You can also rent a taxi to take you directly to the Night Bazaar for about 50 to 100 Baht If you’re in Bangkok, to get to Chang Klang Road, you can opt to take the scenic route and take a bus for around 400 to 800 baht. You can also opt to travel by train from Hualampong Station, and a light at Chiang Mai Station. From there, the Night Bazaar is just a  short walk away.

The Night Bazaar is open from 7:00pm until midnight. Trip Guru advises you to keep an eye out for pickpockets and to bring just enough money for shopping. Shoppers are reminded that you can find authentic handicrafts, arts, and foodstuffs at the market and a plethora of bargain products and dresses for wallet-friendly prices.



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