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Discover Chiang Mai Riverside nightlife - Chiang Mai


The Ping River or the Chiang Mai Riverside is one of the best nightlife areas for a romantic dinner because of its slow, classy and elegant evening representation, although there are several restaurants, bars, and fabulous disco clubs near the river. Lovers can choose to walk along the river and explore the night, cross the bridge or simply walk along the streets with Thai foods and delicacies. There are also shopping areas nearby the river while visitors can also choose to simply relax as they view the wonderful sceneries in the moonlight.

There are several nightlife areas, great outdoors, fun and entertainment at the riverside to choose as for example The Good View and the Riverside are very romantic outdoor restaurants beside the river combined with soft music and delicious food.  The Deck 1 is another recommended classy restaurant with finest architectural design, soft music, and special dishes. For those who are looking for light party and socialization, they can choose the Bus Bar beside the iron bridge, where drinks and special dishes are served mostly for groups as they listen to different types of music.

Getting to the Ping River is easy if you are in the Old City of Chiang Mai or within the famous Night Bazaar, it is just a walking distance or can also take a tuk-tuk ride or a taxi to get there. The good thing about the location of the Ping River is that it is strategically close to the finest hotels in Chiang Mai. The river is also connected to Tapae Road, which is also connected to the main roads of Chiang Mai.

The restaurant with soft and live music usually start at around 7:00 pm while closing may vary from 2 to 3am, this is perfect for the summer months. The downside of this area  is during the rainy season where most of the restaurants, hotels, and outdoor activities are affected by the tide. 



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Jenny

    23. 08. 2016

    My family and I came to the Riverside and enjoyed a lot of the elegancy of the good food and beautiful scenery! We had dinner at a restaurant called: Baan Jangarpor. The food and the decoration of the 150 year old restaurant was jut magnificent and magical. The flavors were amazing. I'm going to have Thai food cravings after I go back to Hong Kong! We all went out for a drink afterwards too.. There are a lot of nice restaurants and bar around here. Was beautiful, was romantic, I love it!

  • Eva

    23. 08. 2016

    Believe it or not but as I'm on vacation I had to have a meeting with a client and because the client and I were both in the area I decided to place our conversation on a table at Bus Bar. Didn't know it'd be super chilled. It's by the riverside with a live band but not that loud that you can't hear one another. We both ordered a margarita and wowww was very very nice! Came back here with mosquito spray - as there were plenty that loved my blood - and a few close friends. Perfect place to chill!


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