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Discover Chiang Mai’s Countryside - Chiang Mai


Not every traveler wants to be with the crowd. Each person has their own idea of how to explore unfamiliar territory, and as much as possible want to complete their adventure in the most comfortable and pleasurable experience. If ever you find yourself in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and need to scratch that itch, then we recommend that you take on the streets of this city while riding on a motorbike.

With the roads in your control and the sounds of the bike’s engine roaring in your ears, nothing beats the freedom of touring Chang Mai’s country side on a trusty motorbike. Now, there are two ways to enjoy touring Chiang Mai in the off beaten track – travel by yourself or with a group and a guide. For those who want to see Chiang Mai’s sites solo, Trip Guru suggests that you prepare your route beforehand. You do not want to miss anything, and going back to an attraction that you just happen to pass by is a waste of time. If you cannot figure out where to begin, then let us help you out.

From Chiang Mai, there are six amazing places you can visit, with each one filling up your day. There is Wat Phratet Doi Suthep and Doi Pui, for riders who are searching for inner peace; and Huay Tung Tao Lake, for those who want to cool off from Thailand’s heat. For those who love exploring caves, there is Muang On Cave, just 35 kilometers east of Chiang Mai; and down the road from this attraction is the San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, which is the best spot to sit down and chat with the locals. If you want to end your Chiang Mai adventure on a perfect note, go visit Doi Inthanon, and get a chance to greet the sun on Thailand’s highest summit. 

For first time riders, Chiang Mai has a lot of agencies and guides that allow you to visit their attractions on a rented motorbike. Some tours may last for one day, while the others begin and end within a week. If you are planning to ride alongside a guided group, make sure that the bikes they are using are durable and perfect for the terrain. Also, if you plan to bring a guest, you might want to prepare a little more because it is usually one person per bike.




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