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There are numerous countries in that provide a Chinatown to not only their Chinese residents, but also to travelers who are visiting. Though most towns do color their landscapes in different shades of red and riddle every corner with markets, temples, and favorite eats, the Chinatown found in the streets of Singapore, displays their Chinese wares and fares a little differently than most

The Chinese is just one of the three major ethnicities that call the island of Singapore their home. Bringing the rich culture and heritage from the mainland, they have established this town and proudly display their traditions to the passersby. The most popular destination found in Chinatown is its street market. With the skies dotted with red lanterns and the surroundings filled with an array of Chinese products, travelers cannot help but shop until the night’s end. Travelers will be tempted to feel the soft silk robes rub between their fingers and tap the bouncing paw of the tiny lucky cats lining the stalls. Also, their appetites will be fully satisfied from the various street food carts that cook up some of the best fresh dim sum and crispy duck.

For the non-shoppers, there are places dedicated to make Singapore’s Chinese roots stand out. The Thian Hock Keng Temple is the island’s most interesting Chinese temple and was built in circa 1820. Decorated with gold-leafed panels and elaborately painted doors, this structure was dedicated to Ma Zu Po, the mother of Heavenly Sages, and can be found along Telok Ayer Street. Another would be the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, a colossal four-story building, which is known to house two solid gold stupas where it is believed where the relic is kept.

There are many more establishments that Chinatown provides, from the Red Dot Museum to the Baba House, and since most of these places are just minutes away, Trip Guru suggests that future travelers should brush up their haggling skills, and visit these places in the morning. To get here, you must head down to Pagoda Street of North-East MRT and it will drop you off at the heart of Chinatown.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Alexas

    08. 09. 2016

    I had the famous Chicken and rice.. And just utterly bewildered that something plain and basic but tastes like a first birthday cake on every bite! I also checked out a tattoo shop, kinky sex toy shop (was very interesting – if the price wasn’t so high I might of purchased haha!) and a few clothes stores. Various restaurants to choose from to. Chinatown is a must visit!

  • Iliana

    08. 09. 2016

    I don’t know what recipe or what type of chicken and ingredients they use to make this very basic dish.. but if you’re here you HAVE GOT TO TRY the “Chicken and Rice” in Chinatown. The chicken is so soft and tender. The soup that comes with it is mouthwatering. The rice – I think it’s jasmine rice – simply melts into everything else and you will want to order another dish of this specific menu because of this simple but seductive taste will have you wanting to eat more and more of it!

  • Eva

    08. 09. 2016

    China Town sells this dried pork and beef that I have never ever tried before! There’s a few flavors too. Choose to your liking and it can be turned into the best snack or one of the best souvenirs to bring back home. For me, I turned it into both!

  • Nathan

    08. 09. 2016

    When I was in Chinatown I visited the markets with the numerous restaurants, yes. But what I liked most was when I paid a visit to The Baba house. It used to be owned by a Peranakan family and the place has been restored after decaying from all the years that have passed. The outcome of it now is beautiful. The coolest part is in the middle of the house. I think there’s a similarity to ancient roman houses. I sort of got an idea of how the family lived as I passed by each room, a complete perfection of chilled and educational entertainment!

  • Brian

    08. 09. 2016

    I wanted to buy some souvenirs for some friends back at home and didn’t walk around so much because all the shops looked pretty much the same. A lot of key chains of the merlion and the mini view of Marina Bay are all designed into souvenir, just what I wanted. So I bought a whole lot at one of the second or third shops I was in. If I don’t remember wrong.. It was 1SGD for 1 item. After buying all, I walked deeper into the roads of Chinatown and found that the prices weren’t then same at all. Maybe the first 10 stores or so would be but the deeper you go the more you can bargain and its 2 for 1SGD etc.


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