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Discover Chua Phap Bao Pagoda, Hy Hoa Temple and other temples - Hoi An


Though the streets of Hoi An’s Ancient Town does project a scenery of nostalgia and French romance, there are numerous structures which evoke a sense of awe and wonder to travelers – both new and old. When it comes to historical and important structures, Hoi An’s Ancient Town offers a handful of the most beautiful attractions, some of which have been given the title of National, Historical, and Cultural Site. These places have been the point of interest for a lot of tourists, but if you are the type of traveler who wants to get to know Hoi An’s spiritual side, then we, at Trip Guru, suggests that you detach yourselves from these classic structures for a moment and step into one of the many temples situated in Hoi An.

If you find yourself in the street of Nguyen Thai Hoc, remember to keep our eyes peeled because you might miss the opportunity to visit Hy Hoa Temple. This quaint yellow temple is a quick stop for most travelers who want to offer a prayer, but within its museum-like interior, visitors may want to stay for a little while longer. On 24 Tran Phu Street, however, is where travelers can find Quan Cong Temple. This building is dedicated to a Chinese general who shares the same name, and was known for his sense of justice, integrity and compassion, making this temple one of the most impressive ones in Hoi An. Besides the life-size statue of the general’s famous white horse, its gold and red entryways guides visitors into one of its Zen-inspired gardens. Lastly, on Hai Ba Trung Street, you may want to visit Chua Phap Bao Pagoda. This area offers a gorgeous mix of plants and the images of Buddha, making it the perfect place for visitors to whip out their cameras and take amazing photos.

Although these temples do not explicitly have a strict dress code, Trip Guru would like to advise potential visitors to wear respectable clothing, which means, no wearing of shorts and sleeveless shirts. These buildings are places of worship and must be treated as such. Plus, it is one way to show the locals that you respect their culture and their religion.

To get to Hoi An’s Ancient town from Dai Nang airport, you can take any taxi and it will take you straight there. You can easily walk to the temples or stroll around the streets on a bike, since the town is relatively small, and it costs 120,000 VND for foreign visitors and 80,000 Vietnamese locals to enter the ancient town. 



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