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Discover City Mosque - Kota Kinabalu


Choosing the architectural route when exploring a foreign city, does come with its own unique rewards. By appreciating the different styles of both traditional and modern structures, or walking through ancient ruins that told the stories of old, travelers are able to unravel the history of any given place, and marvel at its cultural progress today. In the city of Kota Kinabalu in the island of Sabah, Indonesia, there is one religious building wherein first time visitors cannot simply ignore. Because of its size and importance, heavily brought by the locals, the city’s mosque has rightfully become a marvelous site to behold.

Also known as, Malaysia’s floating mosque, this grand structure that is surrounded by a small lagoon, projects an air of mystery and fantasy to both first timers and returning visitors alike. With the towering pillars and dark blue domes, there is a sense of regality instilled in the hearts to those who just happen to pass by. Because of its size, it is able to accommodate 12,000 worshipers; and although the structure’s interior does tickle the curiosity of foreign visitors, its best feature remains in its exterior appearance.  Visiting the mosque at any given time of the day will produce different effects. During the early mornings, a golden shimmer will bounce off from the golden patterns on the blue domes, sending a ray of light to the streets below. On the afternoons, the winds caress the surrounding waters - generating a calming atmosphere, and the evenings always end with a mirrored image of the mosque reflecting upon the lagoon’s surface.

Just like every religious place of worship, there must be a set of rules one must follow. Trip Guru would like to remind future visitors that they are allowed to enter the mosque (even if they are non-Muslim), except during the hours of prayer. Also, it is wise to dress appropriately when visiting the interior of the structure, therefore wear something that covers your arms and legs. Make sure to speak in hushed tones, because it might disturb the devotees who want to pray and meditate in peace.

The floating mosque does not have an entrance fee, but bring extra cash just in case they ask you to rent a robe, and since it is found within the city of Kota Kinabalu, getting there is no problem at all. You can hire a taxi for only 12 MYR to 15 MYR and it will take you straight to your destination, or ride bus No.5A which is heading to UMS for 1.50 MYR per head.



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