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Discover Cope Visitor Centre - Vientiane


Museums are structures that hold the nation’s history by showcasing unearthed relics, tapestries that tell the stories of old, and even sculpt images of people who have lived a simpler life in the past. Because of the many interesting architectural, artistic, and historical knowledge visitors take in, these cultural institutions have become a major focal point, for travelers visiting another country. However, there are places where size and/or age do not matter, and still provide their guests the same amount of awe and wonder. In the city of Vientiane, along Khou Vieng Road is the COPE Visitor Centre. Unlike most museums, COPE sheds light on Lao’s history a little differently. Instead of talking about the ancient civilization of the country, they place forward the problems of UXO many Laotians face.

Also known as: unexploded bombs or explosive remnants of war, numerous Laotians have accidently activated these dangerous weapons and have lost a limb or two. COPE is the non-profit organization in Laos that give victims another chance to regain the ability to walk by providing them prosthetic legs. Though the situation is grim, the center has created an exhibit to educate and inform both the locals and travelers, about the problems a lot of Laotians face every day. From several prosthetic legs displayed in an artistic fashion to compelling and excellent documentaries, COPE has creatively found a way to show a different side of the war. After viewing the exhibit, visitors may are allowed to borrow bicycles for free to explore the town.

There is no entrance fee to the exhibit but donations are welcome. Trip Guru would like to ask future visitors to open their hearts and share the love of charity to COPE. You may also purchase souvenirs in their gift shop or try out their custom made dishes at Karma Café. All proceeds go directly to funding the center’s services and future projects.

COPE Visitor Centre is located on Khou Vien Road – which is approximately 1km from Talat Sao and opposite the Green Park Hotel. Many tuk-tuk drivers know about this place, but to be sure, write down the letters C-O-P-E on a piece of paper and show them. The center is open every day from 9:00AM to 6:00PM and there is no entrance fee.



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