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Discover Cua Dai Beach - Hoi An


When people think of Vietnam, the first line of thoughts that will pop-up in their heads will be images of their Non la (conical hat), pho (their famous noodle soup), and the numerous junk boats that seamlessly float along its waters. Although these things do give them an idea of what Vietnam is, they are still not enough to give the country justice because, besides the rice fields, emerald canals, and untouched islands, Vietnam has a lot more to offer.

Located 4km to the north east of Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province, a warm and bright location awaits travelers, who want a little sunshine to brush up their cheeks. Literally meaning “big sea mouth”, Cua Dai Beach can be likened to Hoi An’s most precious sapphire. With its clear waters that match the colors of the sky, Cua Dai offers a boundless view of everlasting blue, as the white sand is tickled by the push and pull of the waves. For a more comfortable experience, visitors may shelter themselves from the heat by sitting under one of the willow trees sprawled across the area, or rent a sun lounger to fully enjoy the sounds of the wind rustling the leaves.

Since it is a beach, water sports such as surfing, jet skiing, and the like are readily available and can be easily accessed, but for travelers who prefer taking a walk and purchase local goods, there are numerous stores around the beach that can satisfy their search. If they feel like they need to wear something that showcases the Vietnamese fashion style, they can enter one of the many tailor shops that display their creations outside their stores. However, if they prefer taking a relaxing route, spas that offer massages and restaurants that serve local dishes are not too far behind.

As a sign of appreciation, Trip Guru would like to advice potential visitors to buy fruits, souvenirs, and/or trinkets to the sellers that come up to you on the beach. There is no entrance fee to enter Cua Dai, but this is the opportune moment to thank the locals for giving you a good time. The easiest method to get to this beach is by riding a bus or taxi from Da Nang International Airport, because they will surely pass this way. 



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