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Discover Dieng Plateau - Yogyakarta


The Dieng plateau is unique in the entire world, as it sits 150km away from Yogyakarta, in the northwest. The Dieng Plateau features fertile green hills full of vegetable gardens, mud pits and brightly-colored lakes. If you're charmed by old-world elegance in today's busy, bustling world, Trip Guru suggests you take a trip to the Dieng Plateau.

When you're there, you'll be able to see that the plateau gets very few visitors, especially if you're coming in when it isn't their high season. So if you don't want to meet a lot of new travellers, try to visit outside of months of June to August. The modern traveller can find that some of Dieng's main attractions are the beautiful temples that withstood the test of natural calamities and time, the Kawah Sikidang, a geothermal crater, and Telaga Warna, the Colored Lake. Out of the hundreds of temples built by the Javanese Hindus, only eight have survived--and the local people have given these temples names based on their version of the Indian Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Dieng is known as an active volcanic region--in fact, the entire place can be called a gigantic volcano, as the flat, vitamin-rich plains were born from a volcanic crater that has gone to sleep and died. The landscape in this area, because of its unique properties remains quite exotic: the Telaga Warna reflects rich greens, blues and purples that come from the rising sun, which creeps from the summit of Mount Sikunir. To fully appreciate sights such as these, it is recommended to arrive very early, especially if you're planning to explore the entire area on foot. And if you ever get hungry, there are nearby warungs that offer tempeh, tofu and fried potatoes.

To reach the Dieng Plateau, you'll have to travel by land. You can reach the plateau's main town, Wonsobo from Yogyakarta by stopping in Magelang. From Magelang, take another bus to Wonsobo, which can take two hours. Another option from Yogyakarta is to go by tourist/rental car to the Dieng Plateau. When visiting the Dieng Plateau outside of June, July and August it's recommended to bring very warm clothing, especially if you're planning on staying the night in one of their homestays, because when night falls the temperature can drop dramatically. If you’re aiming for a day trip, leave as early as 5:00AM.



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