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Discover Dong Xuan Market - Hanoi


One of the most exciting parts of visiting a foreign city is visiting the local market. Although the market is not really the ideal place to relax and unwind, it is, however, the best method of getting to know how the people of a certain country act out their day-to-day life. Displayed across the ground and unraveling all the purchasable goods to patrons, visitors, and the like, city markets are always a joy to see, even if travelers are going against the sea of crowds just to see what lies beyond the other side.

In the city of Hanoi, there is no other place to shop, chat, and dine with the locals than the Don Xuan Market. Originally built during the French administration in 1889, this colossal structure has seen its fair share of renovations after the fire of 1994. Today, it has become the lifeblood to both the city and its locals. Its three stories are filled with stalls that sell various kinds of goods – as expected in any city market. However, in Vietnam, they do a little things differently than the rest. Most of the time, when people go to the market, they rarely think of it as an enjoyable experience. With all that pushing and shoving, and the race to get to quality goods, it is more exhausting than one might think. In Dong Xuan however, visitors and locals swimmingly travel from one place to the other with speed and ease.  

There are a lot of things travelers can purchase in this market which include: garments, such as the Non La (Vietnam’s famous conical shaped hat), leather shoes, kitchen accessories, handicrafts and souvenirs, and everything in between. For the foodie on the go, the Northern part of Dong Xuan has enough food stalls to satisfy that specific craving. Visitors can try their local cuisines such as the Hai Phong bread, Donner Kebap, and the occasional hot pot during the colder months of the year.

The Dong Xuan Market is open from 6:00AM to 7:00PM however, if your purpose for visiting is of a more social merger, Trip Guru suggests that you come in during the evening. To get to the market, you must travel at the West end of Hanoi Old quarter, which is surrounded by the streets of Hang Kohai and Cau Dong. If you keep walking down Hang Ngang Street, you will be able to reach the market after 4 blocks. 



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Apit

    06. 09. 2016

    This market is not like every other market. There’s lots of tourists and locals and everyone but it’s not jammed. There’s still o2 in the air. It’s breathable! You can take your time looking at souvenirs and the girls selling them won’t even complain. I didn’t feel that it was as pushy as other markets that I have been too. They also have street stalls here. I really love their Chicken noodle soup with their many fresh vegetables and fresh spring rolls.. I should consider relocating to this country for a while.

  • Kelly

    06. 09. 2016

    My brother’s girlfriend enjoyed the market a lot. And told me so many things about it that I had to personally check it out myself. And I can see why she loves it. There’s lots of food, clothes, scarves, Vietnamese traditional dresses and lots of different souvenirs that will make your family smile. Well.. from my perspective I highly think so .. as mine did. Don Xuan is the star!

  • Cohn

    13. 04. 2016

    Dong Xuan Market was a great sight, especially when you get to see the locals shop. It's exciting to fill your basket with high-quality food and souvenirs for wallet-friendly prices. If you have any friends who can't resist a bargain, bring them here. The food is delicious, too.


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