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Discover Elephant Mountain - Taipei


When people envision Taipei, Taiwan, they will immediately think about its buzzing streets, endless shops, and the glitz and glamour of its night life. Exciting the senses is the typical goal for this city, because once tourists enter this city, they are hit with a wave of foreign flavors, which were once only seen on television and in travel magazines. This type of atmosphere is the reason why people keep coming back to Taipei. However, there are a number of travelers who do get tired of being surrounded with this kind of noise and just want to clear their head before moving to their next destination. Luckily, the Elephant Mountain is located within the heart of the city, giving visitors – both foreign and local – a little patch of green, to be able to think in silence.

More locally known as Xiangshan, the Elephant Mountain is located in the south-eastern section of the Xiyi District. Like what was said earlier, this place provides travelers a simple and tranquil place to rest and since it is located within the city’s area, people do not have to travel far to escape all the bustling noise of Taipei. Of course, its main attraction would be at its peak. The trail to the top can be tedious to those who are not in shape, but if they do make it, their efforts are repaid with a bird’s eye view of the city. Be it day or night, the Elephant Mountain offers its guests a chance to get a glimpse of Taipei’s less congested side.

Travelers will notice a few signboards stating about environmental concerns when they visit this mountain. Trip Guru would like to suggest that potential visitors should take this information into consideration, because the Elephant Mountain houses a number of flora and fauna. Keep their habitat safe by not disturbing the natural order of nature, and clean as you go.

The Elephant Mountain is open 24/7 and is just a walking distance from Taipei 101. First, head east along Xinyi Road and then keep walking until you see a sign that is pointed towards the mountain’s hiking trail. Follow that direction and walk through the park or along lane 150. You will have to pass two small temples and a basketball court. Once you get to the end of the park, you will immediately see another sign pointing to the mountain. Keep following the sign until you see steep steps going up to Elephant Mountain.



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