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Discover Fatahillah Square - Jakarta


One enjoyable way to get to know a country’s culture, people, and the like is through its history. Its past, after all, is the reason why each nation is standing today. And although you can get an idea of the country’s past with the help of books and the Internet, there is a different kind of experience you get when you walk down those streets in the present day. So, travelers planning to go to Jakarta, Indonesia, and want to hear the stories of old, should definitely visit the city’s Fatahillah square, and relive its rich history.

Fatahillah square is located in Kota, north of Jakarta. What was once known as Batavia city square, this and the surrounding areas used to be a hub of Dutch Colonial Indonesia. After many years, most of its opulence has demised or had been bulldozed, but the Fatahilah square still remains. Upon visiting the place, travelers will be surrounded with mansion-like buildings that tower over them, rows of palm trees that fan the air, and be thrilled with the amount of historical value it has to offer. Visitors can visit any of the three museums situated in the area. The Jakarta History Museum is always a good place to start because it has the richest collection of Betawi style furniture from the 17th-19th century. The Wayang Museum is dedicated to the art of Javanese wayang puppetry. Here, travelers will see the various kinds of wayang (puppets) that are still being used today, and observe the intricate details that give these dolls their character. Lastly, the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics, is where the country’s traditional handicrafts are displayed.

Trip Guru would like to advise potential visitors to be alert at all times, because Fatahillah square is usually crowded, especially on the weekends. Be mindful of your belongings, for they might get lost or stolen.

To get to Fatahillah Square, you can take the Korridor I bus from Blok M or Jl Thamrin to Kota train station and begin walking from there, or take a city train from Gondangdia, to the train. A taxi is also optional, but it will cost you 15,000 IDR. The square is open from 9:00AM-2:00PM, from Tuesdays to Sundays.



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    08. 04. 2016


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