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Discover Freedom Beach - Phuket


Freedom Beach is acclaimed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket but is also one of the least accessible. Unless you’re the type of traveller who enjoys trekking a kilometer through dense, thick jungle into private land, the only other way to access Freedom beach is by boat. But if you want to reserve a day for relaxation, Trip Guru can think of no better choice than this amazing destination.

Freedom beach features powder-white sand perfect for walking, and the beach is almost unreal—it’s secluded in a private bay. If you can, don’t forget to save some bananas for the schools of fish that swim around—they love it. Unlike most beaches, Freedom Beach is cared for by the locals, who want the beach to remain as natural and pristine as possible. In line with this vision, jetskis, and other motorized water vehicles are strictly not allowed, ensuring that you can relax with utmost peace and quiet. Meanwhile, the southern end of Freedom is the best spot to look out for fish and various coral gardens. For a better swimming experience, try going to the northern end of the cove.

There are a number of restaurants for prime seafood, and there are loungers available for rent if you would like to rest underneath the coconut palms. There is also beach volleyball available, and a few football goals set up on the beach if you want to take a rest from snorkeling. But mostly, one of the nicest things about Freedom Beach is that you can just sit back, relax and let the world slip by as you enjoy the beauty of the area.

Because the track to the beach is privately owned, it is closed to tourists, making the only mode of transportation a long-tail boat. To get to the shores of Freedom Beach, go towards the south end of Patong Beach and catch a boat from the pier area. The boat ride only lasts 15 minutes, but you can still see stunning views of the sky and scenery. This means that you won’t have to worry about Freedom becoming clogged up with too many visitors, even during peak season. 



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