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Discover Hanoi Old Quarter - Hanoi


There’s no better way to experience the rich 2,000 year history of development of the Hanoi Old Quarter than by taking a walk through the beating heart of the old city. The Old Quarter is comprised of 36 Old Streets that were divided and named according to their crafting specialties in the past, and it has remained so until now. If you fancy a long walk full of history, shopping areas and a beautiful cathedral, Trip Guru highly recommends a walk through Hanaoi’s Old Quarter.

Beginning with Cau Go Street, you can pass by the famous Avalon Coffee Lounge, and after walking for 100m, you can see a small lane to the left that leads to Gia Ngu Street, which sells scarves, underwear and clothes. You can take a right from Gia Ngu and reach Hang Be market, and then cross the street towards Nguyen Huu Huan and stop at Xoi Yen restaurant for some delicious food and people-watching. In this way, you can walk and see various sights and observe every day Vietnamese life in Dong Xuan Market—this market carries different sundries and food. It’s especially delicious at night, with a number of street food stalls.

From Dong Xuan Market, you can pass a small street called Hang Ca and arrive at Cha Ca street for a bite of the famous fish dish of the same name. If you would like to see the beautiful Saint Joseph Cathedral, you can walk to Hang Gai, where silks and evening gowns await—and to the left of this is Ly Quoc Su Street, with clothes shops and a gorgeous temple. At the end of this street lies the beautiful Saint Joseph Cathedral. Some of its features include the twin bell towers, a beautiful altar and delicate stained-glass windows. Entering the main gate is only permitted during mass, and the mass schedules are listed on a sign to the left of the cathedral, if you want to attend.

The cathedral’s opening hours are from 8:00am to 12:00nn, and 2:00pm 6:00pm. Wear clothing that covers your shoulders and your knees, as a sign of respect. To get to the Old Quarter, you can get a taxi from the airport, you can get a shuttle bus and it stops at the Vietnam Airlines Office on 1 Quang Trung, which is a bit south of the Old Quarter.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Harrison

    06. 09. 2016

    I’m not sure how anyone can find their way in the Old Quarter since that the roads are connected one to the other to another. Anyways, I enjoyed my time here with my parents a lot. We had a really good fish dish and some tasty noodles. I was told later on that the fish dish is really famous and is called Cha Ca. Just like the name of the street we were on. We had such a beautiful day here and will probably come back tomorrow to see more of it!

  • Kelly

    06. 09. 2016

    The Old Quarter is summed up to a lot of things to see, do and eat. I was walking around with my brother and his girlfriend for more than 2 hours. We got lost once than twice and a third time. We all didn’t have internet on our phones yet so we were just doing it old school, with a pen and paper and drawing dots. I remember that my brother’s girlfriend really liked the Dong Xuan Market. There was a lot of foods there and she’s all about food porn. As for me, liked the Bun Cha Coffee shop the most. It’s right next to the church in the old quarter.. The Church and St. Joseph’s statue is quite the stunning scene.. The history by sight can already be felt.

  • Stephanie

    08. 04. 2016

    The old quarter is beautiful in every corner, and I loved how the Asian and European architecture blended with one another. The gorgeousness of it wall it take your mind off all the walking you have to do. It was so worth it. If you plan to visit, bring your friends along to make sightseeing more fun.


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