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Discover Hanoi’s Water Puppet Theatre - Hanoi


When it comes to visiting the different parts of the world, travelers will always be amazed with how the people of today’s society can still incorporate the stories and the ways of old. Through the help of modern technology, these tales are able to survive via popular media, like movies and television series, but in the city of Hanoi, there is a group of entertainers who have taken traditional storytelling io a whole new level. At the North East of Hoan Kiem Lake is where the city’s Water Puppet Theater can be located.  Do not confuse this kind of puppetry with the ones made out of socks or paper bags because this type of performance can be dated as far back as the 11th century. This traditional art form has become one of the country’s most distinguished features and continues to create huge ripples throughout the whole world.

One of the signs of a great storyteller is the way of delivery, and the players of the Water Puppet Theatre can do that and more. Performing in a pool of water (that is 4 meters wide and waist deep); eight puppeteers strategically place themselves behind a bamboo screen, and with a long bamboo pole, give life to the lacquered wooden puppets to entertain their visitors. Like a child’s pop-up book, characters of different shapes, sizes, and species, will emerge from the depths of the pool and greet their distinguished guests with varying motions or a synchronized dance.  Each performance is accompanied by a musical troupe, making this masterpiece a sensory experience to behold.

Water Puppet shows tells the usual stories most Vietnamese child has heard. From the day-to-day activities of farmers outside their fields, from the mystifying tales of the country’s beloved legends and folklore, travelers, both young and old, will definitely fall in love with this fantastic art form. Trip Guru would like to advise visitors that if you are planning to buy tickets, you must purchase them beforehand. These shows do so well that they are often sold out.

The Water Puppet Theatre is opened every day. Their performances are equally divided from 2:00PM to 8:00PM. Tickets costs around 60,000 – 100,000 VND, with the more expensive seats located at the front row. 



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