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Discover Jalan Alor - Kuala Lumpur


Food has always been an element that brings people together. Once the senses have been intrigued by the scent, sight, and taste, of the various fares set on the table, everyone’s first instinct is to gather around and dive in to the delicious feast before them. This bond creates a sensation which travelers wish to find when they visit a foreign land. Dining in exquisite restaurants and five-star establishments somehow fill the void, but unlike the streets of Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur, there is no better feeling than sitting with the locals and try all their favorite street food.

Peppered with red plastic chairs, and umbrellas to protect visitors from the heat, Jalan Alor is known to have the biggest collection of roadside eats in KL. Do not let its quiet, daytime appearance fool you; once the sun rolls down, vendors will begin rolling up their gates and opening up their stalls, because when nightfall comes, visitors will gather around and start chowing down on their favorite dishes. Filled with the sounds of sizzling woks, the clapping embers of barbecues, and clanging bowls, a lot of travelers have deemed this place to be Malaysia’s food haven.

Trip Guru suggests that if your stay in Kuala Lumpur is not very long, you need to try out these following fares before you leave: fish noodle soup, satay, grilled seafood, coconut ice cream, curry mee, and fish head noodles. The best way to experience Jalan Alor is with a group, so invite your friends, share a pint or two, and feast your eyes – and stomach – with an array of Malaysia’s famous eats.

There is no definite opening and closing time for Jalan Alor, but people flock to this street around 5:00PM. If you wish to visit the area with a more comfortable atmosphere, however, come down around 12:00MN to 2:00AM. There is no entrance fee, but bring a lot of cash, if you plan to try more than one dish. Getting to Jalan Alor via public transport is quite long if you are coming from Kuala Lumpur, but it is a good way to rack up an appetite. The easiest way is to ride a B112 towards Maluri, and get off at Hospital Tun Shin Jalan Pudu. Then walk towards Jalan Roberstson, turn left on to Jin Pavilion, right onto Jin Tong Shin, and then to Jalan Alor. 



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