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Discover Jomblang Cave - Yogyakarta


In the city of Yogyakarta in the island of Java, Indonesia, travelers are welcomed with all sorts of activities, which can address all their specific interest. They can take a historical journey through the city’s maze-like streets, or fuel their bodies with adrenaline as they traverse Yogyakarta’s peaks. And although these places do showcase the city’s marvelous sites, there still lies a mysterious beauty that is found beneath that be accessed through Jomblang Cave.

Unlike any other destination, the Jomblong Cave offers a different kind of travelling experience. Instead of showing visitors its appearance from up above, they will need to descend into its depths, to appreciate its unique beauty. Once travelers make their way to the bottom of the cave, they will realize that sharing the underground with vines and glittering emerald moss, gives them a sense of awe that ultimately applauds Mother Nature’s efforts for creating such natural wonders. Though the trail may be narrow and winding, the cave features something spectacular the deeper they go. Holes – varying in shapes and sizes – are located right above their heads, and whenever they life their head up they are immediately bathed by a blanket of light from the heaves, as the green leaves shimmer upon their faces – this makes the journey in and out of Jomblang Cave worth it all the more.

To get to Jomblang Cave however, is a challenge in itself. Travelers will need to get through a thick forest and slippery slopes before being able to get to the cave’s entrance. Trip Guru would like to remind potential visitors that they need to follow their guides at all times because they know the safest places to get to your destination. Also, when descending into the cave, do not make unnecessary movements, so that you can make it to the bottom in one piece. This site is reserved for those who are willing to get down and dirty, so please make sure you are prepared before deciding to visit Jomblang Cave.

You can take a private car to get there, but if you wish to take public transport, from Yogyakarta take a bust in Giwangan Bus station to Wonosari (5,000 IDR) and stop at Simpang Lima Wonosari. From there, take a minibus heading for Semanu District (3,000 IDR). Travel time is around 2-3 hours, and once you get there it is advised that you stop at the house of the village chief to leave your belongings. Book your visits accordingly because they only take 25 people per trip, and extra cash, in case you need to pay for other things.



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