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Discover Karon Beach nightlife - Phuket


Karon Beach is the third longest along the West Coast of Phuket, which has the best nightlife and holiday destinations in Phuket. Similar to Patong Beach, there are several restaurants, bars, girl bars, shopping centers, hotels and flea markets found along Patak Road. Because Karon is less-developed than Patong Beach, it’s less crowded and perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving.

One of the best nightlife areas in Karon Beach includes the Bangla Plaza, where there are bars available with retro music. There’s also an Irish Pub called The Angus O’ Tool’s, which is found in Soi Centara and serves drinks, a variety of food, great music and even has a large-screen television for watching sports and movies. There’s also the Karon Plaza along Phochuan Road, with an open-air restaurant, bars, massages and other services. Anybody’s Bar is cozy and features a wide-screen TV, perfect for watching sports and movies.  

To get to Karon Beach from Phuket City Center is as easy as hailing and riding a taxi for 30 minutes to an hour’s travel, for 700 to 800 baht. There are also mini buses available, which may be more budget-friendly if you’re used to traveling with a group of people.

Most of the nightlife in Karon Beach opens around 6:00pm and closes at midnight, and the best time to visit Karon Beach is from February to June when the weather is warm and friendly. If you visit the beach during July to October, it’s considered dangerous to visit because of the rip tides that are found underwater due to the rainy season.



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