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ous Kata Beach is comprised of two beaches: Kata Yai and Kata Noi. There are large hotels dominating the landscape on both beaches, although Kata Noi is nearly swallowed up by the Kata Thani hotel. Trip Guru highly recommends the beach though—the trouble of getting there is worth it. Of the two beaches, Kata Yai is the beach with soft, sugar-fine sand and pristine waters. Its size varies with the tide—it’s a tiny millpond during dry season and it turns into a small beach perfect for surfing during the wet season.

If you’re a snorkeler that wants to enjoy the variety of marine life on Kata, go towards the northern end of the beach, where coral nest snugly among the rocks and the marine life is aplenty. If you’re on Kata Noi, find a longtail boat that can take you south to a quaint little hideaway called the Nui Beach. If you prefer to be adventurous and find Nui yourself, continue past Karon Viewpoint and head to Laem Promthep to find the entrance to the hidden beach where you can get a beach chair, umbrella, towel and a cold drink without too many tourists.

 Kata also has restaurants full of delicious food just waiting to be devoured, but if you want to get away from the cacophony, head on over to Southern Kata for flashpacker places—perfect for backpackers and travellers that want to explore Thailand without being burdened by high fees or strict itineraries. There is always time to get away from the stress of a busy life and just have fun on the sand, with nothing between you but the sky and the sea, where your worries are a thousand miles away.

To get to Kata Beach, there are regular songtheaws from 7:30am to 5:00pm between Kata Yai and Phuket Town. That way, the route starts at Kata Yai and runs over a hill to Karon, then towards the beach before heading inland and finally returns to Phuket town. This same songtheaw can be used if you plan to head to Kata or Karon Beach.



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