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Discover Kata Beach nightlife - Phuket


Kata Beach connects the south of Patong and the northern end of Karon. If you’re looking for a peaceful, perfect place for some snorkeling, the North end is ideal, with a variety of fish and coral reef. Kata Road has a few bars, and several restaurants can be found in the southern area of Kata beach, with live entertainment and music. It’s the perfect place to let your hair down and have a good time.

Some of the best places for entertainment include the iconic Ska Bar, tucked into one of the large granite boulders at the south end of Kata Beach. It features reggae and hip-hop music, has two floors and is compact, but full of friendly drinkers and fire dancers—you’ll want for nothing at this easy-going, relaxing bar. Night time doesn’t always have to be about drinking and dancing. You can indulge your inner child at the Dino Park, with its lava-spewing volcano shining brightly along the streets of Kata beach in the evenings. Test your skill against friends and others playing mini-golf. You can also head over to the nearby restaurant, should you get hungry.

 From Phuket City Center, you can get to Kata Beach by taking a car or a taxi, and it takes about half an hour to get there. You can also take a bus in the city center, as it’s the most efficient way to travel to the different beaches, costing only 50 Baht per trip.

The Ska Bar is open from 12nn until late, with 5:00pm onwards a popular time for visitors. At Dino Park, both park and restaurant are open from 10:00am to 12:00 midnight, it's best to visit after 6:00pm for both cooler temperature and to experience the lighting and sound effects.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Harrison

    24. 08. 2016

    My friends and I came here in couples. Sounds kinda soft but hey , was a great night. We went to "Surf House" Which is located right in front of Kata Beach. Fake waves but real fun! Most of our girls don't know how to surd but they learned and caught on quite well. Had a few drinks here washed up and then went to local bars up the street. They have all kinds of music and the drinks were affordable. The bar owners are very sweet people and you will want to come back just because the beer is cold and good company is provided!

  • Donovan

    24. 08. 2016

    My friends and I came here and was a pretty chilled night. Dress code was way casual and there were aisles of bars up and down the streets. The girls here are amazing with their well spoken English. You'd be surprised! Lady boys are out and about.. they're nice and if it's a perference go for it.. if not watch out as you don't know which girl is one and which isn't! The prices are around 80-150. Isn't that bad. Was a chill night but we did get wasted. The shots here are quite cheap!


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