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Discover Kawasan Falls - Cebu and Bohol


Cebu is generally well known for its metropolis and beach resorts, but that is not all that the island has to offer. If you are looking for unique adventures that do not involve the sun, the sand, and the sea, then a trip to Kawasan Falls in the southern part of the island is what you need. These series of water falls is a great place to go to when you want a change in scenery and are looking for a different kind of adventure.

Kawasan Falls is located in the southern Cebu town of Badian, and is one of the most famous water falls on the island. The falls system consists of 3 large ones and numerous small ones, all of which have cool, clear water for you to enjoy. People however flock to the areas where the 3 big falls can be found, and these are where you will find dipping pools as well as cottages that you can rent for a day of swimming, eating, and simply enjoying nature.

While Kawasan falls is best known as a spot where people spend hours swimming, rafting under the falls, and relaxing, there are other activities that you indulge in while here. If you are more adventurous than most, you can try the canyoning tours in the area. This guided trip begins with some climbing, with participants jumping into clear pools of water, swimming through rapids, and heading to Kawasan falls through a series of canyons, pools, and rivers, all in a span of four hours. You will need to contact canyoning tours to do this however.

You can visit the falls any time of the year, although it is better if you go during the summer months when it is safer and rain has not swollen the rivers that feed the falls. There are a few ways to get to Kawasan falls, and the most commonly used way is to take a bus at the South Bus Terminal to the church at Matutinao Badian. When you get to the church, get off the bus and start walking. To get to the first falls, you will need to walk at least a kilometer and a half. Prepare some change since you will need to pay an entrance fee when you get there. You may also need to pay for the cottage that you use, if you do choose to use one.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Ohmar

    07. 09. 2016

    So my girlfriend and I had been enjoying many beach scenery that we started to have thoughts on changing scenery. And so we did. We traveled to the south of Cebu and found ourselves at the beautiful Kawasan Falls. There are 3 really big ones but we choose too stay in one of the smaller ones. The trees and shade were a nice change.

  • Eva

    07. 09. 2016

    I'm usually a beach fan but coming to the Kawasan Falls had me change my mind. I think I'm going to be loving waterfalls more than beaches now. I tried out a canyoning tour too. That was a blast and next time I'm going to bring my family they're going to love this just as much as I do!


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