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Discover Khlongs by boat - Bangkok


Bangkok used to be known as “Venice of the East,” and the best way to experience this is through a ride on the khlong, or canal. These canals are interconnected and people go about their daily lives living alongside the large skyscrapers of Bangkok’s metropolitan district. If you want a slice of old-world charm within a progressive world, Trip Guru is sure you will enjoy taking a khlong boat ride, and one of the best spots to start is in the most important river Bangkok has to offer—the Chao Phraya river.

One of the most important rides you should not miss is a trip on the Chao Phraya river, with express boats that run along the river on both sides. These boats run every 20 minutes and there is no need to purchase a ticket on the pier, just board the boat and pay a lady or gentleman when they come by as they shake coin trays in front of you. It’s a wonderful opportunity to contemplate and immerse in Thailand’s rich history which began alongside the water. The river is so smooth, and one of the best means of transport for such a busy city.

Floating down on the west side of the Chao Praya river is a world of creative wonder and one of their most popular attractions is a shadow puppet troupe that acts out scenes from the traditional ramakien. You can opt for private or public longboats, visit a fish farm to hand-feed catfish, view the King’s barges floating in the boathouse and revel in the beauty of the bridges and barges. Despite taking it easy down the river, the sights and memories you will take home are far from boring; don't miss it!

Another khlong you can ride in is the Khlong Saen Saep, which is a quick way to pass through various piers and see inspirational sights such as the Wat Phraya Yang, perfect for reflecting upon one’s life and take a deep breathe. This is a faster and more convenient alternative to see the city, rather than sit in traffic all day. The river boats run from 5:30am to 7:30pm, with the exception of the River Crossing Ferry that operates from 5am to 10pm. It is located beneath the Saphan Taksin BTS Skytrain station, Central Pier. The artist’s village is reachable via a footbridge that extends from the end of Charan Sanitwong Soi 3, a short taxi ride from the Wongwian Yai BTS Skytrain Station. After the footbridge, turn left and walk along the canal before reaching Baan Sinlapin. Alternatively, the village can be reached as part of a khlong tour.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Cynthia

    27. 08. 2016

    A cheap and great way to get “Away” from the crazy traffic and street lights within Bangkok. After staying here a while I was getting annoyed by how so much traffic can be made in this city! Riding the boat in the Klhong (Klhong is “river” in Thai) was much more relaxing and would be great if I could travel this way every day every where while I’m still here. I took the boat that flowed through the ChaoPraYa River and was able to see a puppet show. It was from ma Thai fairytale called “Ramakien” Quite an interesting story so I’m planning to go buy the book about it! Was a nice relaxing time out from traffic!

  • Gemma

    27. 08. 2016

    I don’t usually travel by boat back at home. Getting to see and experience this was different. Because Bangkok is so busy many travel by a ferry as well. I was in a river called Khlong San Seap. Not sure if that’s the way to spell it – anyhow, I enjoyed it very much. Way more peaceful than being a sardine in a bus stuck in traffic!

  • Stephanie

    08. 04. 2016

    This place describes my perfect vacation. The boat ride through the river was exquisite and relaxing, and it was fun chatting with the locals. My absolute favorite thing to do here was to feed the catfish. I got ticklish whenever they gobble up the food from my palm!


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