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Discover Kintamani and Mount Batur - Bali


Not all travelers share the same idea when it comes to planning the perfect holiday or trip in a different country. Some would prefer soaking up the sun’s rays on a sandy beach, others love strolling around the market places and interact with the locals, while the rest take a spiritual and historical journey by visiting religious sites and buildings. But for the travelers who love hiking and surrounding themselves in the arms of Mother Nature, if they happen to find themselves in the middle of Bali, Indonesia, then Kintamani and Mount Batur are definitely places they will fall in love with.

Found in the north of East Bali, Kintamani offers travelers a majestic yet peaceful view of some of the city’s most beautiful mountain ranges and scenic panoramas. Since it is 1,500m above the sea level, visitors experience much cooler weather than the ones down the coast. Though the climate does call for a jacket and thick socks, it is the perfect temperature to go out and hike through Kintamani’s lush greenery. There are numerous places to see and visit, from the Bali Aga village at Trunyan to the Ulun Danau Batur temple. But if you are the type of traveler who dreams of seeing the white clouds stream between your fingers, then do head towards Mount Batur.

This small volcano is nestled at the center of two concentric calderas, located in the north west of Mount Agung. Because of its landscape, visitors can revel in its natural hot springs and wildlife, and be amazed at the crescent-shaped Batur Lake, which is just adjacent to it. In order to experience the best scenic areas, however, travelers must hike towards the top of Mount Batur. They will be rewarded with a full 360° view of Kintamani, and take in everything that Mother Nature has to offer.

Trip Guru would like to advise first timers to wear the appropriate attire and bring the right hiking gear if you plan to traverse the terrains of Kintamani and Mount Baldur. In order to get here, one can take a daily shuttle bus from Ubud, but must book the ticket in advance. Also, you can catch a bemo or a bus from Batubulan terminal in Denpasar, and it costs around 25,000 IDR.



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