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Travelers, from all over the world, will agree that Thailand’s southern province, Krabi, is the go to destination, for those who enjoy water related activities. From snorkeling to scuba diving, and the occasional rock climbing, a lot of thrill seeking and gung-ho individuals will immediately get the adrenaline rush they need. Given the numerous activities one can do in Krabi, it is difficult to imagine how all of this can occur on one island. That is why the most charming and convenient factors this province has to offer would be the numerous islands that surround it.

There are about 200 islands located around the province of Krabi. Though not all of them can be accessed by boat or during the day, the ones that pique the interests of visitors, have generated a reputation, making them a must see destination. If you find yourself in Krabi, and cannot decide which island to visit first, then let us at Trip Guru give you a hand at exploring some of the province’s most popular islands.

If you want to start off the journey with an exquisite view of the sea and a light swim, head down to cozy Pak Bia beach, and have an intimate session of peace and relaxation. Its crystal blue waters, accompanied by the whispering tones of the sea breeze, will easily calm your nerves and rejuvenate your body. For a more social activity, visit Jum or Phu islands and get a chance to reel in your catch of the day with your trusty fishing rod, or scale up its mountainous area with a bike. If you are looking for an island with a bit of flare, head towards the rooster-shaped limestone mountain, which is aptly named, Chicken island. However, if you are the type of traveler who is taking on a scientific or educational journey, visit Mu Koh Hong and marvel at the array of corals, fish, and plants that call this piece of land home.

The only way to get to these destinations is by taking a boat across from the province of Krabi. The best time to visit these islands is during the day, and be sure to avoid these places during the rainy season, because the waters are known to be rough during those months.  



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