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Discover Kuthodaw Pagoda - Mandalay



When walking in the streets of Mandalay, Myanmar, travelers must keep their eyes peeled for they may miss some of the most beautiful structures located in the area. The region of Mandalay has multiple buildings that range from spiritual worship to ancient civilizations, and though a lot of first timers might face difficulty with choosing which destination to visit first, Trip Guru suggests that they should begin their journeys in Kuthodaw Pagoda, Sanda Muni Paya, or the Shwedanday Monastery.

First up is the Kuthodaw Pagoda. This golden structure, which towers over the people’s heads from 188 feet, lies on the foot of Mandalay Hill and contains the world’s largest book. Here, travelers will notice the numerous sculptures that decorate the smoothened layers of the pagoda, which mostly consists of deities, animals, and beings from both Buddhist and Hindu mythologies. To the southwest of the Sandamuni Pagoda and it is here were visitors can get a glimpse of the largest iron statue of the enlightened one. Although it does share similar structures with its neighboring pagodas, white stupas pepper its premises – giving visitors the opportunity to take majestic photographs brimming in a bright light. Lastly, located at the south of both structures, is the Shwenandaw Monastery – the perfect spot to end one’s journey. Made from teakwood and adorned with intricate designs, this 19th century monastery is the best place for travelers to reflect upon their Myanmar adventures whilst being surrounded by an air of peace and tranquility.

All three structures are but minutes away from one another however, some places have certain rules and guidelines. In order to make your Mandalay journey stress free, Trip Guru advises that you should wear the appropriate attire from the start. It is best that you should wear long sleeved shirts and bottoms that go beyond the length of your knee. Another thing to consider is the entrance fee and since it varies from place to place, it is best to bring extra cash with you.

The Kuthodaw Pagoda is located east from the Mandalay Palace. If you are taking a private car, head towards that direction and turn left on 66th street. After 1.1km, turn right, and after driving for 650m, turn left onto 62nd street and the pagoda will be near.




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    14. 04. 2016


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