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Discover Legian nightlife - Bali


Legian is a small beachfront located in the stretch of north Kuta, and near the end of Sminyak. Once the sun centers itself above the sky, it illuminates the beach’s sandy shores and provides enough heat to give tourists their much wanted tan. However, Legian is better known for lighting up the evening because there are a lot of establishments that can surely make your night sweet and memorable.

You can start your night with an happy hour at B9B beach club. This bar offers a sandy but relaxing sunset view with live bands. However, for a more classy happy hour, from B9B you can cross the street and enjoy the beach front swimming pool of Cocoon Club. After delighting your eyes with the beautiful view of the sunset, you need to head down to the heart of party central and visit some of Legian’s most popular clubs and bars. If you plan to start the night by fueling yourselves with vodka, then head towards Yolo Bar, a unique little spot that features local bands, karaoke nights, and over 50 infused  vodka flavors and beers. For those who love to dance with the crowd, Eikon, which is located on Jalan Legian 170, will not only fill your ears with loud dance music but treat you to live performances as well. For the paty harders, Trip Guru suggests to end up at Jenja Club. This 2 floors club offers different Dj performances each night, from house, to electronic, to hip hop music. However, travelers who want to take it slow can relax at 101 Rooftop, and take in its laid-back environment.

To get to Legian Beach from Kuta or Seminiak, you can hop on a taxi for 5,000 IDR or rent a motorbike. Once you arrive, you can virtually stroll around until you have found the perfect spot to start your evening. Remember, most of these establishments open around 6:00 PM and close by 2:00 AM.

Trip Guru would like to remind future visitors to be alert when visiting Legian’s nightlife. Though Bali’s beaches do have a low crime rate, it is always better to be prepared and cautious. Bring some friends along to keep you safe, and do not entertain shady characters.



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