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Discover Makinit Hot Spring and Nagkalit-Kalit Falls - El Nido and Palawan


Once the summer months hit the Philippines, people, from around the world, would flock to the country’s most popular destinations, to be able to soak up the sun’s rays whilst listening to the ebb and flow of the rolling seas. This tropical country is known for its fabulous beaches, great food, and hospitable company, but there are other sites to see besides the ones the crowds chase after. In the municipality of El Nido in the province of Palawan, Philippines, there are numerous islands travelers can visit via the Bangka (a small motorized, wooden boat). However, for travelers who prefer the off beaten roads and wish to experience El Nido by breaking a sweat, they will surely love visiting the Makinit Hot Spring and Nagkalit-Kalit falls.The journey to both destinations is an arduous one. Besides the dusty and rocky roads that lead to the starting point, travelers will need to trek a few more hours (depending on their speed) to get to their desired destination.

The road to Makinit is riddled with muddy tracks and makeshift wooden bridges – making it an exceptional challenge to hiking and trekking enthusiasts. Though the trail is difficult to traverse, successful travelers are greeted with the attraction that has still remained untouched. However, it is unwise to take a dip because the water is too hot, but you can boil some eggs for a light snack – just like what the locals do. The Nagkalit-Kalit falls, on the other hand, is a site wherein weary visitors can cool off. Crossing through thick forests and several river crossings, travelers are treated with two water falls (and a natural pool between them) wherein they can take off their gear, and enjoy a nice relaxing swim.

Trip Guru suggests that all travelers should take a local guide with them when visiting these destinations, for the reason that they are difficult to get to and there are no signs that point the way. Also, before heading out, you must bring the essential items and gear, to be able to journey through the roads comfortably

To get to Makinit Hot Springs or the Nagkalit-Kalit falls, you will need to take a private car to a barangay called, Pasadena, which is 21 kilometers north from El Nido’s town proper. You can also take a tricycle, but the driver has to agree to take you there. The cost of visiting Makinit Hot Springs is around 800 Php, while Nagkalit-Kalit falls is around 300 Php. It is wise, however, to bring extra cash, for emergency and “just in case” purposes. 



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