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Discover Marina Bay and Gardens by the bay - Singapore


There comes a time in every vacation where you want to just take a moment and relax. With the numerous activities you have done throughout your stay, your body begins to tell you to take it slow, for even just a minute, to appreciate the vicinity that silently passes you by. In Singapore, there are two beautiful areas wherein you can definitely stray away from the fast pace of the city. Enveloped by the soothing sounds of the waves and a gorgeous view of Singapore’s river, the marina bay is the best place to get a glimpse of the island’s good side.

This body of water gives visitors the breath of fresh air they need and provide them with various sites that makes the stroll from one end to the other worthwhile. From here, travelers can visit the merlion, a half mermaid-half lion 70-tonne statue or view Singapore’s landscape by hopping on a jetty and take a nice relaxing ride on its waters; but for an aerial view, you can get on the Singapore Flyer, and take the perfect shot as you ascend to the top.

For a more floral experience the Gardens by the Bay is located nearby. This amazing venue seamlessly intertwines architecture and Mother Nature’s creation in 250 acres of land. They are divided into different themes but the most popular ones would be the flower dome, which houses plants found in the Mediterranean, and the Supertree Grove, where marvelous tree-like structures tower those who just happen to walk by.

Trip Guru suggests that you visit these places at night, when they light up the waters and the sky with beautiful colors and music. To get here, you can take the MRT and alight at City Hall, Raffles Place, and Marina Bay Stations or the Promenade and Esplanade Stations on Circle Line. The garden is a walking distance from the bay, and is open from 5:00AM-2:00AM for the outdoor gardens, and 9:00AM-9:00PM for the rest. Entrance is free but it will cost around $28/15 adult/child for two conservatories and $5 for the skyway.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Eva

    08. 09. 2016

    Marina Bay has class. City lights, night life. Elegant dress, red lips and heels. In Marina Bay taking selfies and enjoying the scenery with the best friends from home. A city girl like me, changing cities and being somewhere new as beautiful as the bay, I can’t express how happy I am of that day until presence. The light shows of these man made trees was an opera play for me. It’s beautiful and a sight to see. If anyone comes here and misses this.. Ask yourself again if you’ve arrived in Singapore or not. Another must see is the Flower dome.. I solemnly say.. shame on you if you don’t go.. It’s worth to spend on this. The numerous fauna, floral flowers you’ll see, will not have you disappointed!

  • Iliana

    08. 09. 2016

    In Singapore with my boyfriend for the first time. At Gardens by the bay, very late in the evening was where we had our first Singapore date. We were at restaurant called Indochine. Over looking the beautiful city at that hour. With a glass of wine and my love beside me. Watching the dancing lights of the trees below and then turning left to see the massive, mighty, magnificent three towers that hold up one of the world’s most expensive hotels.. This Boat architecture is just mind blowing.. I don’t know if I enjoyed looking at my beloved more or the view more.. At that point I think my interest wasn’t even with the company I was with. The view and the atmosphere in that very moment was breathtaking. It was an astonishment. And this.. Is Singapore Sensations.

  • Alexas

    08. 09. 2016

    Here at the bay I saw the gigantic merlion - Singapore’s symbol It’s huge.. weighs 70-tonne from what I read. A magnificent view can be seen here of the city too. With the water in front and all those charming lights.. The sky a mix of pink and blue with a tint of purple that I have no idea how it could even be formed.. One of the best pictures that were taken!

  • Anna

    13. 04. 2016

    Even though this is the most “touristy” area of Singapore, I just had to be there. There is just something about being with the crowd, especially in this city, because they are able to tell you were the scenic places are. Gardens by the Bay is definitely my favorite place to be in. It has many beautiful flowers and trees.


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