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Discover Na Muang Waterfall - Koh Samui


The island of Samui boasts numerous islands, that one can truly call a little patch of paradise. From places that showcase rare and local wildlife to beach-like waterfronts and views, Samui is definitely the place for travelers, who wish to fall in love with Mother Nature. Though the reason many flock to this place is because of these attractions, there is something more to this place than what meets the eye. If you are the type of traveler who loves to take the road less travelled, then your first visit has to be Na Muang Waterfall.

There are other waterfalls and little secrets that this island has purposely kept hidden, and the Na Muang Waterfall has an intriguing charm of its own. It has two breathtaking waterfalls, with one being 18 meters high and the other 80 meters. Na Muang, or “Purple Waterfalls” is so aptly named because the rocks surrounding this body of water projects a purple shade. This area creates a perfect mix that excites the senses, making it the best place to rest and relax.

The journey to Na Muang is an adventure in itself. You can easily get to the first waterfall with a car, but if you wish to observe the sights and sounds of the surrounding jungle, then Trip Guru suggests that you trek to the destination or head down to the nearby elephant camp to ride on top of this glorious animal. The second waterfall however, cannot be accessed with a vehicle; it will take about 30 minutes to get there on foot. Na Muang is also a good spot to take a nice relaxing dip – a splendid activity after a long and tiring trek. Other entertainments, such as monkey shows, are available but if your itinerary is to only visit the waterfall, you must remember to wear the appropriate attire. The path is notorious for being slippery when wet, so please do wear the proper shoes. Also, bring insect repellant along (the non-spray type) because of the numerous bugs that can bite you.

Na Muang Waterfall is open daily but the ideal time to visit is around 3:00pm to 6:00pm. To get there, you must hire a taxi and drive along the main road of Nathon until you reach the signed entrance road to the location



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