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Discover Narmada Park and Pura Agung Narmada - Lombok


All travelers have a different idea of exploring a foreign location, especially when it comes to visiting a country they’ve never been to before. Some would rather follow the crowd and head towards the nation’s sunny beaches or popular attractions, while others prefer following their own path and immerse themselves with the locals. There is always something to satisfy their adventurous spirit and curiosity – even if what they are looking for is quite specific. That is why Lombok Island in Indonesia offers the Narmada Park and Pura Agung Narmada as places for travelers who are searching for inner peace in the midst of Mother Nature’s embrace.

Located in the Village Lembuah, Narmada district, which is West of Lombok’s regency, this 2 hectare emerald paradise was built in the year 1727, and was meant to be used as the ceremonial grounds for the Pakelem ceremony. Its complex houses several gardens, ponds, and springs, so that wherever visitors go, they are always wrapped up in the park’s cool winds, refreshing atmosphere, and the soothing sounds of the greenery as the winds blow to and fro – it is this peaceful environment that brings both local and foreign visitors coming back for more. Another reason why Narmada Park is famously known throughout the country is that it has become the resting place for the royal family during Indonesia’s dry seasons.

Narmada Park also has a handful of temples which are open to both the visitors and the island’s devotees, but among the structures that are scattered in the park, the Pura Agung Narmada, has to be the most important one. This holy site is Lombok’s mother temple for the Balinese and others of the Hindu Faith. It was built by King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Karang Aem in the year 1727, and it perched on a rocky mountain inside the park’s complex.

To get to the Narmada Park is quite easy. Since it is located 10 miles from Mataram city, you can get there via a private car, taxi, or motorbike. Travelers must pay the 5,000 IDR entrance fee to explore the premises, but if they wish to swim and purchase souvenirs, Trip Guru advises them to bring a little more cash, just in case.



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