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Discover Night Markets - Langkawi


Though the sun may shine during the day, the evenings are always brighter with the lights of popular establishments, and the sounds of the locals greeting the night air with laughter and fun. Different cities celebrate the arrival of dusk in their own unique way, and in the city of Langkawi, Malaysia, nothing says hello midnight than strolling through their famous Night Market.

Mixed with the sounds of crackling fires, sizzling plates, and the hollering voices of both the vendors and people, travelers who love to immerse themselves with the country’s locals, will certainly find their ideal spot and observe Malaysia’s current culture unfold before their eyes. There are six Markets travelers can choose from, and they are only opened on their designated days. Ulu Melaka is open on Mondays, Kedawang on Tuesdays, Kuah on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Temoyong on Thursdays, Air Hangat on Fridays, and Padang Matsirat on Sundays.

Ulu Melaka is a popular market for both foreign and local visitors, because besides the PekanRabu Mall near the area, it is able to retain its rural charm. Kedawang projects a more eco-friendly vibe and travelers are encouraged to bring their own containers to reduce the amount of things to clean up. Kuah is the largest among all the markets, giving people an opportunity to visit the stalls on two days. Temoyong is the ideal market for hungry travelers, while Air Hangat projects a calmer atmosphere. Lastly, Padang Matsirat ends the week, by showcasing Langkawi’s culture in rows of stalls.

Trip Guru would like to remind fellow travelers that when they are visiting these markets, to be mindful of their belonging. Some of the destinations are known to get crowded, and thefts and similar crimes are quite common. It is best that you bring a group of friends along, and be guided by someone who has been to these places.

To get to Ulu Melaka, drive along Padang Goang. The route to Kedawang, is much longer, and you will need to take Jalan Dato Syed Omar, then Persiaran Putera, Jalan Padang-Jalan, finally turning left on Chandekura. Take Perisiaran Putera, Jalan Padang Matsirat, and Persiaran Bunga Raya, if you want to get to Kuah. To get to Temoyong, head towards Jalan Padang Gaoang, Jaland Padang Matsirat, Jaland Bukit Malut, then turn left to Jalan Temoyong. To get to Air Hangat, head east towards Jalan Dato Syed Omar, then Persiaran Putera, then turn right to Jalan Ayer Hangat. To get to Padang Matisrat, take the same route to Air Hangat, and then take the 2nd exit onto Jalan Teluk Yu. Turn right to Jalan Datai, and make the final turn left.




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