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Discover Old Town & Sunda Kelapa Harbor - Jakarta


Sunda Kelapa Harbor, famous for being a fish market, is located in the Ciliwung River. The fresh fish caught that night is auctioned off at the first light of dawn at the fish market. If you're interested in getting the first catch of the day or you always have room for seafood, Trip Guru recommends a visit to the Sunda Kelapa Harbor.

This harbor is still one of the most important for the sailing vessels in Indonesia, and beautifully painted Makassar schooner, Pinisi, is still relevant and famous for transporting goods to and from the islands. You can have a peek into the past by observing the strength of the sailors and workers, who carry goods without the help of any equipment. When visiting this area, we recommend you bring your water bottle and wear comfortable clothes as well as sensible shoes, since the area an become very hot, especially during the midday. You will surely have a good time watching the sun set over the harbor’s boats, peacefully contemplating upon a time where these workers relied only on their own brute muscle instead of machinery to get the job done.

The Old City's formal name is Kota Tua, and is a living reminder of Indonesia's past, with its beautifully maintained buildings such as the National Bank museum and the Puppet Museum. You can take a walk and view a wooden drawbridge, which in the past would have been raised to allow merchant ships to pass through. It's a preserved testament to the Dutch colonial era, although it is no longer in use. You can also observe the awe-inspiring creativity of local tattoo artists, and have a good time cycling around the square with the many bicycles for rent.

To get to Sunda Kelapa Harbor, take the Jl. Gajah Mada to Jalan Pancoran in Jakarta Barat, then take Jalan Pintu Kecil to Jl Kali Besar Barat in Roa Malaka. Continue on Jl. Kali Besar Barat to Jl. Kali Besar Tim, then take Jl. Tongkol to Jl. Krapu in Jakarta Utara. When you turn right onto Jl. Krapu, and make a slight left after St. Pompa Ps. Ikan (on the left), the harbor will be on the right. The Old City is 1.5km away from Sunda Kelapa, by bike.



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