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A visit to Cebu opens you up to many adventures that you may not be aware of yet. Since the island is well known for its resorts and unique combination of resort and city living, people rarely venture far from the places where these resorts are. What they might not realize is that down south, a different kind of adventure awaits them in the form of whale shark watching in the municipality of Oslob.

Located south of Cebu City, Oslob is a municipality that has quite a few tourist attractions, despite its being at the southernmost tip of the island of Cebu. Among the tourist attractions that can be found here are historical sites, island resorts, and of course, the whale shark watching. Sumilon Island is one of the more popular resort places in the area, with the only resort there being Bluewater Sumilon Resort, which helped develop the island into what is considered an eco-friendly getaway. Apart from this, the island is also a marine sanctuary, and has been one since the early 1970s.

On the mainland, you can also visit several heritage and tourist sites that include Cuartel, which is a Spanish era barracks, the Baluarte, which is a Spanish watchtower, and Tumalog Falls. To get to swim with the whale sharks, you need to get to Tan-awan, and from there you can find fisherfolk and guides who will lead you to where whale shark swimming adventures can be booked. There are different fees for different things you may need and do, like life vest rentals, snorkel and goggle rentals, boat fees, and more. Rates may vary from one tour facilitator to another.

To get to Oslob, you simply need to get to the South Bus Terminal and get on a bus to the municipality. Make sure that you take an early bus since these whale shark adventures are only allowed until before noon. If you are looking to spend the night in the place, you can take a later bus then book your whale shark swimming activity the following day. You can visit the area any time of the year, although weekdays are better than weekends to avoid crowds of tourists planning on doing the same thing.



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