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Discover Perfume Pagoda in Hanoi - Hanoi


When it comes to the five senses, the sense of smell evokes even the deepest of memories. Without having to look at an object or taste your favorite meal, getting a simple whiff of a familiar aroma will immediately spark your mind into churning the event that transpired long ago. If you are the type of traveler who loves to have their senses ignited, then Trip Guru suggests that you visit the Perfume Pagoda located near Hanoi.

Built into the limestone mountains of Huong Tich, the Perfume Pagoda has provided a scenic spot to those who want to enrich their spirituality or get a glimpse of Vietnam’s greener area. The spring blossoms that riddle the majestic landscape were the reason how this place got its name because these delicate species of flora would entice visitors by emitting a fresh and sweet aroma of the season they are named after. Though the destination sounds like it is only made up of one attraction, the Perfume Pagoda is actually a vast complex that houses more than one Buddhist temple. At the center of the Perfume Pagoda, however, is the Huong Tich Cave, and this is where most visitors – both local and foreign – flock to because, besides the fact that its opening is shaped like a dragon’s open mouth, it is also the location where the statue of Lord Buddha can be found.

Even though the Perfume Pagoda is filled with spectacular and scenic views this place is still revered as a holy site. A lot of Vietnamese pilgrims take this journey to rejuvenate their souls, and once the time is right for the lunar calendar to commence, they celebrate with a long festival. If you are visiting this attraction, please respect the country’s culture and not to create a ruckus while you are here.

The best way to get to the Perfume Pagoda is on a wooden or iron boat. However, to get here you will need to take a car 60km southwest of Hanoi and into the Huong Son Mountain range. From there, take a ride where the sign indicates: Ben Yen/Yen Vy, 1km away.  The boat ride is also part of the experience because while traversing the clear waters of the stream, you will be able to see Vietnam’s agricultural scene. 



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