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Discover Prambanan Temples - Yogyakarta


When visiting Indonesia, most tourists would find themselves strolling around the country’s most popular attractions. Although these places do define the nation’s culture, history, and the like, there are other places located in the city, that give the locals their individuality. These destinations might not be flocked by majority of the public, but because of this, there are places for visitors, who specifically want to explore the country’s roots in peace. The Prambanan Temple Compound in the city of Yogyakarta is the place to be if you are the type of traveler, who wishes to explore Indonesia’s Hindu trail in silence. Not only is it one of the biggest in the whole of South East Asia, but it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Locally known as, Roro Jonggran, Prambanan welcomes its visitors by enthralling them with its towering presence. Its tiered design that pierces the heavens above is always an architectural marvel to behold. However, to truly appreciate the detailed stonework, one must step inside one of the temples, and immerse themselves with its historical beauty. Originally, there were about 240 temples that stood within Prambanan’s 38.9 hectares, but today, only 8 main temples, 8 small shrines, and only 2 of the original 224 pervara temples remain today. Prambanan is divided into three zones: the outer, middle, and the holiest of them all, the inner zone.

One of the greatest things about this destination is that it is easy to navigate. With most of the major temples built within the inner zone, visitors will have no problem covering the entire site. These temples, of course, are the main attraction, with the most popular one being Shiva’s temple. This structure is the tallest and largest in the whole complex, and its most exquisite one. Its shrine is located at its center and contains five chambers – some of which storing statues of their beloved idols, like Shiva Mahadeva, and its walls are adorned with bas-reliefs, depicting the tale of Ramayana, in which travelers can follow the story if they enter from the east side.

To get to the Prambanan Temple Complex from the city of Yogyakarta, Trip Guru suggests that you hire a private car to Klaten, and from there, walk to the temple entrance; or ride a becak for about 10,000 IDR, and the driver will drop you off at the entrance gate of the temple. Prambanan is open daily from 6:00AM to 6:00PM, and admissions cost around 252,000 IDR and 126,000 IDR for registered students.



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