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Discover Puncak Tea Plantation - Jakarta


Many people appreciate a nice cup of tea to calm the nerves, to stay awake, or to simply enjoy its flavor. There are various types of teas all over the world, and Indonesia prides itself in cultivating some of the best green tea plants. The Puncak Tea Plantation has thousands of hectares worth of tea dotting the landscape, bringing to life the hillside with scenery that can only be described as breathtaking.

The plantation is found on the highland peaks of Gunung Mas, also known as the Golden Mountain. Entrance to the plantation is 4,500 IDR. Once inside, visitors who are willing to learn more about the tea being cultivated here will appreciate dropping by the tea factory found in the area. There is an entrance fee of 10,000 IDR just to enter the factory. Inside, you can learn all about the kinds of tea that they have here, as well as the tea making process. If you’ve always wondered how your tea is made and packaged, then Trip Guru recommends that you stop by this place.

Once you’ve learned everything that you can about tea, another great activity that you can participate in is actually traveling the length and breadth of these scenic highlands. Walking through the plantation is certainly possible, but if that doesn’t suit you, then taking a pony ride through the area is also an option. Renting a pony will cost around 6,000 to 10,000 IDR. Traveling by bicycle is also available, with a bike trail that spans around 37km from Riung Gunung, through the plantation, Cilember, Megamendung, Gunung Geulis and Bogor. Finally, adventurous travelers can even rent a hang glider for a most magnificent aerial view of the area.

If you plan on driving to Puncak, the route is around two or three hours from Jakarta via the Jagorawi toll road. Take note that traffic can get very congested during the weekends, so try to plan your trip with this in mind. It’s also possible to take a traveling car that takes on passengers from Soekarno-Hatta airport to Bandung. However, make sure to ask the driver if they will be passing through Puncak, since some cars take an alternative route to Bandung via the Cipularang road.



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