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Discover Puseh Batuan Temple - Bali


When people travel to a different country, their itinerary usually includes visiting the most popular attractions that can be found there. From scenic beach views to island hopping, there is a little slice of heaven for everyone in Bali. For adventurous tourists and backpackers, who prefer learning about the country’s culture through a spiritual route, Trip Guru suggests visiting the Puseh Batuan Temple.  

Unlike most temples found in nearby countries, the Puseh Batuan Temple (or more locally known as, Puseh Batuan), is not found in the heart of the busy streets of Indonesia’s famous cities but is instead located in the northern part of a Balinese village called Batuan. It is the most notable landmark in the area and is said to date as far back as the 11th century. Once travelers pass through the tiered gate, they are immediately taken aback by the temple’s unique beauty. Though it does not flaunt its appearance with flashy lights or colorful porcelain, its sculptures that intricately display Balinese mythological characters and people greet and observe visitors who wander about its paths.

There are more things to see within the Puseh Batuan Temple, such as the pillar with a dancing goddess decorating its tip from the great elephants located on the central stairway balustrade. But in order to fully appreciate the temple in its full form, travelers must always keep in mind that the area is considered as a sacred ground to the locals. Though it is not clearly stated, it is preferable if you wear the appropriate clothing, meaning, no tops that reveal the shoulders or bottoms that go above the knee. Also, respect the solemnity of premises and speak in hushed tones throughout the whole visit.

To get to Puseh Batauan Temple from the city Bali, travelers need to hire a private car and travel to Perean Tengah. Continue to Jalan Raya Denpasar and then take Jl. Gunung Agun, Jl. Raya Abiansemal, Jl. Raya Mambal, Jl. Raya Samu and Jl.Raya Singapadu until you reach Jl. Raya Batuan in Batuan. The temple has no entrance fee, but donations are always welcome. Remember to give generously because the Puseh Batuan is being maintained by the villagers.



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