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Discover Ratu Boku Temple - Yogyakarta


The Ratu Boku is a spectacular sight, standing proudly on its hillside plateau, with Mount Merapi only adding to its mystique. Ratu Boko is unique compared to the various heritage sites and tourist haunts around Java. While the others are beautiful temples and shrines, the Ratu Boko looks like a gorgeously ancient ruin. If this interests you, then you shouldn't miss visiting the mysterious Ratu Boko Temple, which feels more like a fortified monastery or an ancient palace.

Ratu Boku's plateau is divided into several terraces, and, because the buildings were made out of wood and because of the passage of time, are no more. Instead, Ratu Boko offers remnants of buildings, such as its main gate, which reads "Panabwara." This only adds to the mystery, as it is in line with the belief that inscribing a name to a thing gives it ‘power,’ perhaps to deter enemies from invading the temple, or razing it to the ground. Travelers will certainly get a feeling of awe simply by visiting this place.

Another sight is the Candi Badu Putih, a beautiful temple carved out of pure-white stone. You can also visit another temple used in the housing of cremated bodies, known as the Combustion Temple. If you explore a little more, you will be astounded not only by the view, but with the sense of peace and serenity that surrounds the Ratu Boko Temple. Not many people visit Ratu Boko because it isn’t “complete,” like other temples and shrines, as it only has remnants of its past to show travellers, but it’s well worth the visit to see such ancient architecture still standing.

To get to the Ratu Boko Temple from Yogyakarta, you can take a rental car and head north on Jl. Mataram toward Jl. Mas Soeharto, where you will pass by Optik Naufal on your right. Then, take Jl. Tukangan and Jl. Krasak Timur to Jl. Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo in Bausasran. After, drive from Jl. Laksda Adisucipto and Jl. Raya Solo-Yogya to Boko Harjo. Turn left, then make another left onto Jl. Raya Piyungan and finally, drive to the Ratu Boko Temple.



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