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Discover Secret Buddha Garden - Koh Samui


Though Samui is known for its beautiful beach-like environment, temples, and innate beauty it can still manage to surprise travelers – both visiting for the first time and those who have returned. For travelers, who love to explore a country’s culture on an off beaten track, may opt to visit the Secret Buddha Garden. Located in Koh Samui in Surat Thani Province, Thailand, this majestic location is definitely different from the rest of the island’s attraction because instead of offering temples of different shapes and sizes, the Secret Buddha Garden brings travelers to a whole new different world.

Just because this location describes itself as a garden, it does not mean that it is small. Believe it or not, the Secret Buddha Garden actually provides a more jungle like atmosphere; and within this thick blanket of earth and leaves, travelers are able to experience the intermingling or art and nature. Getting lost in this area becomes more of a challenge than a fear, due to the many stone sculptures that are scattered in the area. From mythological Buddhist creatures to angels and a group of musicians, visitors will gawk in awe with all the details of each sculpture, who silently fill the garden’s borders with unsung tales and music. All of this was made possible by one man named, Nim Thongsuk. This simple fruit farmer began erecting these beautiful pieces of art in the year 1976 until his death at the age of 91. The reasons behind his actions were simple. To help people find peace and take a spiritual journey on his family’s venerated land. A pair of statues of his parents can be found within the garden and another where he is holding his father’s hand.

Though the main attractions are these handcrafted sculptures, travelers are also amazed with the lively ecosystem that surrounds this place. The whole area is covered with towering trees, sounds of the rushing waterfalls, vibrantly colors flowers, and wildlife that are local to Thailand. With this plethora of organic beauty, the Secret Buddha Garden offers visitors to be mystified with the wonders of planet Earth.

Though the journey to the Secret Buddha Garden is arduous, many still flock to this attraction. To successfully get to this destination, you need to take a trusty 4x4 and head down to air force road in Baan Saket, that leads up to Ta Nim Waterfall. However, if you wish to be accompanied by other travelers, there are jungle/safari tours (both via jeep and ATV) also available. The best time to visit is during daylight, and a 300 Baht entrance fee is required. 



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