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Discover Sentosa Island - Singapore


If you're a kid at heart or would just love a place completely dedicated to playtime, Trip Guru would be more than delighted to recommend a visit to Sentosa Island, which includes the famously gigantic Resorts World, which also contains a plethora of things to do. We can guarantee you won't be bored, so come on and keep the child in you (or children if you have them) delighted all day long.

A famous attraction in Sentosa is Underwater World, which is home to over 2,500 fish from over 250 species. Become part of their world in the Touch Pool where you can enjoy touching and interacting with fish, sea sponges and other marine life. Marvel at the fish swimming around and make your way towards a large 83-meter long underwater tunnel and look up at the gorgeous array of colorful fish swimming over your head.

Universal Studios is comprised of all sorts of differently themed rides, live shows and Hollywood movie sets that have people flocking to them year-round. While mostly aimed for children the vast size and variety that the park offers, you can be sure that there is at least one thing that tickles your fancy. Sentosa isn't just a man-made island. It's a man-made island where you can also learn while having fun, and it is also where the Butterfly and Insect Kingdom can be found. With over 3,000 species of insects, beautiful flowers and vegetation, it's a unique experience to be able to view large and small butterflies, lizards, snakes and even jungle parrots in a habitat that is as close to natural as possible.

Underwater World is open daily from 10:00am to 7:00pm, and you can get there by taking a blue line bus that departs from Beach Station, Sentosa Island. To get to Universal Studios, take the Sentosa Express from Vivocity Shopping Mall, where you can alight at Waterfront Station and walk to Universal Studios. Universal Studios is open daily, from 9:00am to 9:00pm. The Butterfly and Insect Kingdom is open from 9:30am to 9:00pm daily, and can be reached by a blue line bus.



What our experts tell about this experience.
  • Jenny

    08. 09. 2016

    Universal Studios is in Sentosa. I woke up super early with my sister dressed as casual as we could. Wearing shorts. We prepared to get hot and humid and wet. Threw a pair of flipflops and water into our back packs and headed for the studio. It’s worth going but you have to be very patient for the line ups in all rides. There is an express pass but then you have to pay quite a lot more. My sister decided to pay more because we’re on vacation. Already here and it’ll be worth the fun for sure. Of course at the end of our roller coaster ride.. We DID NOT regret it! The studios has more than 7 themes and destinations to visit. I can not explain it all.. Other wise I’d be writing a report and not a review! It’s a great time to spend the day.. have in mind it will be ALL day so get ready for lots of fun! Our end was we were TORN! Great fun!

  • Brian

    08. 09. 2016

    I went to the Underwater World here in Sentosa and wow.. it’s really big. The sharks were my favorite sight. The numerous marine life that the aquarium has in collection is captivating. During my stay here, I also went to get some sun at Palawan beach. It’s quite a long one! Beyond the waters, you can see the big ships and to the very right was where all the boats were parked. The waters here aren’t as clear but still a great swim. A picnic with friends and family under it’s shade is possible too. There’s a bathroom on the other side of the street and everything is super clean. A long brown bridge that takes you to a little island in the middle I the sea was also interesting. Sightseeing up there was a pleasure. Quite humid but a lovely sight.


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